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Find your next international job placement with a global technical recruiter

    Nothing is more stressful and frustrating than searching for your next job overseas.

    Without the right connections, it can be difficult to determine exactly what international job opportunities are available or whether relocation and travel logistics support are available.

    For these reasons and many more, it makes a lot of sense to work with overseas recruitment agencies.

    Recruitment agencies for overseas jobs can help expedite and streamline your job search and ensure you find employment opportunities to push your career forward.

    Believe it or not, working with an overseas staffing agency can make finding positions offshore and overseas a much simpler and more efficient process. 

    What key attributes should I look for in an overseas recruitment agency?

    Working with the right international recruitment agencies can help you find a job and ensure you are safe and adapt to your new location.

    To do this, they need to be highly adept and have a broad range of skills, including:

    1. Local knowledge

    Local-Knowledge-210x254Not all recruiters for foreign jobs can provide full overseas recruitment services to fit your needs.

    First and foremost, recruitment agencies must have local connections in areas with demand for hiring programs.

    Secondly, your agency should understand the demands and legal requirements of international work, global mobility, and relocation.

    Having a global recruitment team with strong local connections within a region is crucial when it comes to finding niche opportunities, and providing confidence that you will be looked after on an overseas assignment.

    2. Assistance with compliance

    ComplianceSimilarly, that knowledge is key when it comes to compliance with local rules regarding immigration, human resources and labour regulations.

    For companies looking to start projects globally, it’s important they are able to abide by the employment laws and regulations in each different region. And, the stronger their compliance process from day one, the better chance their projects will be successful, delivered on time and on budget.

    3. Experience with mobilisation

    overseas-relocationManaging accommodation, local transport, school searches and other destination services in your new location can be a challenge.

    Whether it’s organising a single visa and hotel, or moving a large number of workers through multiple countries, Airswift has the experience to help make jobseekers global relocation needs run as smoothly as possible. 

    4. Overall reach

    international-reach-for-overseas-jobsProbably the most important skill an international recruitment agency has is their overall reach. This gives them a wider scope and pool of potential international jobs for you to apply for. 

    Airswift, for instance, has more than 60 offices in key regions across the globe, with all offices communicating regularly to stay ahead of international law changes. Our experience over 40 years and 93% requirement success rate speaks for itself.

    For over 40 years, Airswift has worked with engineers, project managers and technical specialists all over the world. From the United States, Singapore and the UK to Angola, Australia and beyond, we have mobilised thousands of professionals into their dream overseas jobs.

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    Airswift can help you in your search for overseas employment

    As one of the leading employment agencies for overseas jobs, Airswift offers contingent and permanent job opportunities as well as support with international relocation. 

    We take the time to understand your needs to ensure world class service.

    Airswift has an international network and over 60 offices around the world with hundreds of knowledgeable employees available to support your job search - no matter the location.

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    Airswift specialise in sourcing technical experts for innovative sectors including:

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