Best clean tech networking events in 2024 to grow your connections

April 2, 2024

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Build your network within the energy sector by exploring world-renowned renewable energy and clean tech events.

These gatherings are not just about learning the latest breakthroughs in sustainable energy, green transportation, and comprehensive sustainability initiatives; they're also opportunities to connect with future clients and peers who are just as passionate about transforming the energy landscape.

The clean tech scene of 2024 is buzzing with invaluable insights and cutting-edge data poised to shape the future of sustainable energy. In this blog, we're excited to guide you through some of the most promising events of the year.

Here's a breakdown and summary of this year's key clean tech events. Take notes and plan your annual roadmap to cultivate a robust network while leveraging energy transition knowledge.

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Table of Content

2024 clean tech networking events in North America

North America


Event date: September 9 to 12, Anaheim, USA

RE+ 2024 Anaheim is the largest renewable energy event in the United States. It brings professionals across solar, storage, wind, hydrogen, and more, featuring panels, presentations and a large exhibition hall for over 370 sessions. The event attracts 40,000 attendees from over 125 countries, 8,400 of which are C-suite executives. 


Event date: October 29 to 31, San Jose, USA

Though based in California, Verge 2024 San Jose has a global impact, focusing on decarbonisation across various sectors. It draws notable names in business, government, and non-profit sectors, exploring innovation in climate tech.

Green Transportation Summit

Event date: August 20-22, Tacoma, WA

The Green Transportation Summit expands beyond consumer vehicles to include electrified trucks, buses and discussions on decarbonising shipping and rail emissions, and building EV charging infrastructures. The Green Transportation Summit 2024 Tacoma expects to receive more than 1000 attendees.

Global Energy Show Canada 2024

Event date: June 11-13, Calgary, Canada

The Global Energy Show in Canada unites industry leaders, CEOs, and young professionals to drive innovation across diverse energy sectors. It is pivotal for exploring real-world solutions to global energy challenges, showcasing technology, and understanding the roles of various energy sources in the broader system.


2024 clean tech networking events in Latin America

Latin America

Web Summit Rio

Event date: April 15 - 18, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Web Summit Rio is part of the international events organized by Web Summit. In 2024, the event will gather more than 30,000 attendees and 700 investors. With unparalleled networking opportunities, the event focuses on a low-carbon economy, featuring various talks and masterclasses from health and finance to energy. The Airswift team will be there presenting a Masterclass on AI and the Future Skills in the Tech and Energy industries.

4th Hydrogen Congress for Latin America

Event date: June 5 - 7, Santiago, Chile

The 4th Hydrogen Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean (H2LAC 2024) will focus on the growing importance and development of green hydrogen in the region. Chile launched its hydrogen strategy over two years ago and has since announced more than 60 projects.

Energy Summit

Event date: June 17 - 19, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Energy Summit is the connection and discussion point for the next steps in the energy transition and sustainability in the world. The global meeting, based in Rio de Janeiro, aims to strengthen the strategic sector in the search for innovative solutions essential to global progress. The event will consist of VIP conferences, masterclasses, and energy awards.

Energy Storage LatAm

Event date: October 15 - 16, Santiago, Chile

The Energy Storage Summit LatAm is a standout event. It aims to dive deep into the region's energy storage sector, covering topics like policy, investment, and best practices for deployment across countries including Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

2024 clean tech networking events in Europe


World Future Energy Summit

Event date: April 16 - 18, ADNEC Abu Dhabi

World Future Energy Summit positions itself as a global think tank for future energy, attracting over 30,000 visitors, with conferences covering clean energy, solar, water, and smart cities.


Event date: April 17 -18, Madrid, Spain

The Pulse brings together global renewable energy professionals in a two-day event and an exclusive dinner to tackle coming challenges, unveil business opportunities and celebrate progress towards the low-carbon sustainable transition.

The Green Hydrogen 2024

Event date: April 18, Liverpool, UK

The Green Hydrogen 2024 highlights the role of green hydrogen in the renewable sector through a series of conferences and exhibitions. Green Hydrogen 2024 brings together the key players in emerging technology to debate: what does the future energy system look like?

Innovation Zero

Event date: April 30 - May 1, Olympia London, UK

The Innovation Zero the UK's largest net zero congress supported by the UK Government focuses on accelerating action towards a low-carbon economy, featuring a wide range of forums from finance to energy.

The Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition

Event date: May 27 - 29, Lisbon, Portugal

The Lisbon Energy Summit & Exhibition, Europe's leading energy transition event, will welcome over 3,000 visitors under the theme "Creating Tomorrow's Energy System Today". Ministers, policymakers, project developers, investors and innovators will engage and share insights into transitioning the E.U.'s energy system to one based on renewables and in line with the REPowerEU initiatives.

2024 clean tech networking events in Asia Pacific


The 2nd Annual Indonesia Clean Energy Summit

Event date: February 29, Jakarta, Indonesian

The 2nd Annual Indonesia Clean Energy Summit is an event focused on the decarbonization of Indonesia's energy sector, featuring discussions on clean energy technologies and policies. The summit aims to foster collaboration and highlight opportunities in energy efficiency, solar, wind, storage, EVs, and other clean energy solutions.

Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024

Event date: May 1 - 2, Brisbane, Australia

The Solar & Storage Live Australia 2024 trade show and multi-streamed conference combine residential, commercial/industrial, and utility-scale solar. It attracts record crowds globally and is now coming to Australia, showcasing the technology and service solutions needed for the energy transition.

2024 Cleantech Forum Asia

Event date: May 7 - 8 in Singapore

The 2024 Cleantech Forum Asias is a pivotal event for professionals interested in sustainable innovation. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with leaders from the sustainable innovation ecosystem, learn from a research-led agenda on critical contemporary issues and innovations needed to achieve net zero and explore investment trends, blue economy, AI trends, and much more.

2024 clean tech networking events in Africa


GITEX Africa 

Event date: May 29-31, in Marrakech, Morocco

The GITEX AFRICA  is one of the largest tech and startup shows on the continent. It aims to shape Africa's tech-driven future with the latest technological breakthroughs and growth opportunities, covering areas like AI, cybersecurity, digital finance, and health tech.

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The events above represent a comprehensive view of the cleantech and sustainability discussions planned for 2024, with each offering unique insights, networking opportunities, and the latest innovations in their respective fields. When attending a green tech conference, it is crucial to plan ahead.

Before you go, here are some networking tips for your next clean tech event


If your goal is to grow your connections, navigating events requires a blend of strategy and sincerity.

Focus on meaningful engagements rather than sheer volume. Arming yourself with knowledge of current trends, preparing insightful questions, and showing a willingness to listen are your best tools for making lasting connections.

Make the most of your experience with these helpful networking tips:

  • Define your purpose: Whether it’s forging new connections, acquiring knowledge, or both, setting clear goals will guide your focus and activities throughout the event.

  • Do your homework: Look into the event’s agenda to identify must-attend sessions and notable speakers. This preparation ensures you don’t miss key learning and networking opportunities.

  • Craft your pitch: Develop a succinct and compelling introduction for yourself. This should highlight who you are, what you do, and what makes you stand out, making every first impression count.

  • Stock up on business cards: They're not old-fashioned; they're tangible tokens of introduction. Make sure you have an ample supply to exchange, facilitating a smooth follow-up.

  • Take initiative in conversations: Don’t wait for others to approach you. Be bold and initiate discussions, showing your interest and openness to new connections.

  • Follow up promptly: After the event, reach out to the people you’ve met. A quick message or email can help cement your new connections and open doors to future opportunities.

  • Stay active on social media: Engage with the event and its participants on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter before, during, and after the event. This visibility can enhance your presence and attract more connections to your network.

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This post was written by: Nana Terra, Content Marketing Coordinator