Top tips to maintain productivity during the festive season

December 8, 2021

‘Tis the season for year-end parties, fun, team events, vacations, long lunches, and holiday shopping. Between all of these things, it can be difficult to stay on target with your professional workload.

These top tips will help you remain productive during the festive season, no matter what is happening in the office.

Start a to-do list

If you have deadlines that differ in December, a deadline-dated to-do list will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed and maintain your focus.

It will also help you remember all the additional tasks you may have to pick up for coworkers who are taking vacation over the festive season.

Use your to-do list to help you determine what is important and what isn’t. Get all the important tasks completed first, and leave the rest of when the office is quieter towards the end of the year.

Consider creating a to-do list template that you can reuse throughout the year. 

Alternatively, consider creating a 'not-to-do' list and identifying where you will focus your time and energy.

Minimise your distractions

The festive season is a riot of distractions. To avoid them, plan out your day before working on any tasks, then set timeline goals to get them done. It will be the little extra bit of motivation you need to keep distractions away and keep yourself motivated.

Don’t be afraid to say no

When half of your coworkers take time off for the festive season, the additional workload can get a little stressful.

Don’t be afraid to say “No” to non-essential tasks. Instead, work with your coworkers to help them get tasks done before they leave for festive season vacations.

That way your workload is much more manageable if you are one of the few in the office.

Finish your work by the first half of the month

Avoid procrastination and get critical tasks done as soon as possible. This allows you an opportunity to get in the festive spirit when it starts sweeping through your office.

Don’t schedule any meetings the last two weeks of the year unless it is truly an emergency.

Use your schedule to your advantage

Talk to your manager about the opportunity for flexible hours during the festive season. Potentially you will be able to alter your work schedule or work through your lunch break, so you have extra time to get personal errands done.

If that isn’t an option, use your break time to maximise getting personal tasks completed. Order groceries and presents online, or write all your holiday cards.

Take a vacation day

If you don’t have a flexible schedule during the festive season, take a vacation day and get all your running around done on a day when everyone else is at the office. It is much easier to schedule a weekday for personal tasks than fighting festive season crowds.

If you take a vacation day, make sure it’s a real day of rest. Don’t try and work at the same time.

Instead, disconnect, giving yourself time to recharge and unwind. You will be surprised what a big difference it makes for your mental well-being.

Take time to celebrate the festive season

No matter what else happens in December, set aside time with your team or department to celebrate all you have accomplished this year. Be it a lunch out, or a longer coffee break, allow yourself to relax with your coworkers.

Talk about the highs of the year past, and big wins. It helps put the year into perspective, allows everyone to feel appreciated, and builds stronger work relationships.

Make plans for your future

At this time of year, we often think about career goals and start making plans for our future.

If those plans involve a job change, our recruiters love helping qualified candidates move their careers forward.  

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This post was written by: JC Cornell, Renewables and Growth Marketing Manager