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    Are you looking for a contracted or full-time position within Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)? On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about finding a job in the global LNG trade -  including details on the qualifications required.

    What career opportunities are available in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)?

    LNG is natural gas in liquid state. Natural gas is an important source of energy across the world. In some countries, it’s even ahead of coal, nuclear and renewable options as an essential energy source. Demand for LNG imports is increasing, especially in Asia, as it is considered a transition fuel that can help in the move to a low-carbon future. In order to keep up with demand, energy companies constantly search to acquire new fields and maximise their yields.

    Natural gas engineers are vital to this process, as they perform the analysis and planning behind the extraction technologies to enable effective collection. They tend to have a STEM background and will normally have a degree in engineering - a prerequisite for most natural gas engineer positions. Natural gas engineers must also be licensed by their appropriate body.

    The job of a natural gas engineer is to extract as much of the resource from the earth as possible. They determine the best strategy based on factors such as geological conditions and the volume of natural gas already present on site.

    Development of wells is a costly endeavour which carries a constant risk of investing in a site with little or no salable gas. This often means meticulous research of a site both before and during the project. Due to these and other challenges, natural gas engineers frequently work long hours.

    Responsibilities within an LNG career typically include:

    • Producing mathematical models to forecast the amount of gas in liquid form that can be extracted from a field
    • Designing wells, pipe networks and surface facilities required for producing and transporting natural gas
    • Outlining the scope for using specialist technology and surveillance data to monitor the quantity and flow of oil and gas being extracted
    • Proposing improvements to maximise production  (such as flow rate enhancement)
    • Overseeing the progress and work of the well operations
    • Ensuring all design and operations meet health, safety and environmental regulations
    • Liaising with other professionals such as geologists or engineers (as well as contractors, suppliers and clients)
    • Writing reports for management.

    Which countries are the largest producers of natural gas?

    Who employs LNG engineers?

    LNG engineer vacancies are advertised by heavy industry, major oil and gas, engineering or mining facilities worldwide. There is a global demand for this role so it’s common for employers to recruit new talent internationally.

    Typical employers include:

    • Operating companies (usually oil companies) that hold exploration and production licences
    • Drilling companies
    • Heavy Industry and construction facilities.

    What qualifications do I need to excel in LNG?

    This is an advanced role so you will require a good mix of experience alongside multiple qualifications and skills.

    Essential qualifications:

    • Higher education in a discipline related to engineering
    • Field of expertise in oil and gas industry for onshore projects 
    • Understanding of fundamentals in Non-Destructive and Destructive Examinations
    • Full knowledge of applicable safety codes, standards, regulations and EC Directives
    • Good written and oral communication skills
    • Certifications or equivalent in NDE practices.

    Essential skills:

    • Focused and analytical thinker with strong problem-solving skills
    • High degree of attention to detail and organisational skills
    • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines independently and as part of a team
    • Able to explain scientific or technical information in simple terms to wider teams
    • Confident enough to make unpopular decisions
    • Tactful and able to get on well with people from all backgrounds and professionals from other disciplines.

    To work offshore, you must have the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training Certificate (BOSIET). Many people do the course at their own expense before looking for work. In other cases, some companies sponsor new employees through the course.

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