Global Energy Talent Index

GETI uncovers the latest workforce trends in oil and gas, renewables, nuclear, power and petrochemicals

    The 2023 Global Energy Talent Index report: Navigating seismic shifts in the energy industry 

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    The seventh annual Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) report offers a snapshot of the trends seen within the energy industry over the past 12 months.

    We surveyed professionals across the oil and gas, renewables, power, nuclear and petrochemicals sectors to form the world’s most established and comprehensive energy recruitment and employment trends report.

    The findings show that the current surges in fuel prices are having an impact on the workforce and talent landscape. 

    The spike in energy prices and shortages has boosted oil and gas salaries, returning remuneration in the sector back to pre-pandemic levels. 

    However, more and more candidates are seeking jobs that offer personal fulfilment in addition to financial gains. The report also reveals that workplace restlessness is on the decline due to rising salaries and higher job satisfaction, and that the energy skills shortage is being exacerbated by increasing supply chain costs. 

    Some of the report’s key stats include: 

    • More than 75% of energy professionals are considering a career change within three years, with the majority of workers favouring a switch to renewables

    • The technology skills gap is driving four of five energy sectors to prioritise AI and automation over mentoring and recruitment

    • Climate change concerns mean that more than 80% of professionals across all sectors cite ESG factors as a part to play in their decision to join or leave an energy company

    To find out more about the energy talent landscape from the industry’s most comprehensive source, get your copy of the 2023 GETI report today.

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