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    Finding a job in Alaska’s oil and gas industry can be difficult without the right connections. Airswift helps workers and employers collaborate with each other to come together on large-scale projects across the state.

    We have offices situated across the United States to help you find your ideal oil and gas job in Alaska. 

    Who do we recruit?

    In order to staff all of the Alaska jobs oil companies have to fill, we need a workforce of dedicated individuals. While we look for individual characteristics such as strength, endurance, intelligence and moral fortitude, we also need people who know how to work collaboratively in order to complete complex tasks. We want our oil jobs in Alaska staffed with dedicated and loyal employees who aren’t afraid of hard work.

    Why work in Alaska?

    In Alaska, oil companies make sure their employees are taken care of appropriately. Field technicians receive excellent pay, benefits, and holiday entitlement to maintain a good work-life balance. By giving your loyalty and dedication to oil jobs in Alaska, you will be rewarded with opportunities for advancement into leadership and management positions.

    Are you a manager looking for talent in Alaska?

    Airswift also works with oil and gas companies in the US to provide staffing solutions for their specific needs. When you work alongside us, you'll find that our candidates meet more than 90% of your job description qualifications. We also offer a number of HR solutions, such as background checks, payroll and contract negotiations.

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    What our clients say

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    “We continue to work with Airswift because of their global relationship, competitive pricing, and ability to work with us on developing processes.”




    “They have met our requirements, they’ve performed well in hiring managers and I am very happy with the staff they have brought onboard.”




    “We initially began working with Airswift because of their relationship with Chevron. We continued because of good service.”



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