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Case Study


Our client is a global electronics company based in China, providing identity informatisation solutions and identity documents, won a tender with the Angolan government to develop a software-based system that produces ID cards for Angolan nationals.


As part of the contract, our client was required to run the operation at a local level and maintain a presence within Angola, and all staff had to be employed in-country. Employing staff in Angola presents a number of challenges, including the requirement of declarations from banks and authorities.

Our client needed a local partner to act as the employer on their behalf, providing staff with all employment requirements including HR, payroll services, and more. Additionally, there would be over 200 professionals employed for the project, and they required support for the volume of staff. 

Airswift Solution

Airswift was selected to support the company on this project based on our extensive knowledge of local Angolan employment laws and experience to contractually employ and provide payroll for all employees. Airswift also has a local presence in Angola, operating in our office in Luanda since 2008 with teams who have the expertise on declarations, bank requirements and all government requirements.

Airswift’s experienced teams in Angola met with the former contract owner for the client and agreed to transfer all employees over to Airswift seamlessly. Additionally, Airswift provided full payroll services and HR support to the company and all contract staff. As employees of Airswift, they were entitled to all benefits and support they required. 


Airswift successfully transferred 208 employees from the previous contract owner quickly and compliantly, leaving zero interruption to the project. As a result of our ability to provide payroll services in a quick and efficient manner, the company reached out to Airswift for direct hire recruitment assistance for their own offices. Since 2017, Airswift has grown our headcount with the client to 224 personnel.

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