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A changing view in careers is transforming the world of work as we speak.

New global talent networks are being formed every minute, social media is playing a rapidly increasing role and on the back of employee feedback sites, a strong employer brand is more important than ever.

The pace of change is setting a precedent in the human resource industry, and existing data reporting models are struggling to keep up. This results in a situation where many corporate leaders feel that the shift to an integrated workforce capable of delivering the organisation’s mission over the coming three to five years represents a significant risk.

In line with the ever-increasing availability of data and connectivity (Industrial Internet of Things), it should come as no surprise that the solution to this problem is talent analytics.

At Airswift, we provide consulting services to help leaders make effective use of data for human resources.

We possess two innovative techniques capable of proactive and routine management of talent data. This allows for improved business decision-making for workforce planning, sourcing, performance, and risk management to sustain lean operations.


Talent Mapping

Airswift’s Talent Mapping is a focused data set generated specifically to better understand a key strategic workforce challenge and then deliver a consistent and cost effective solution. Talent Mapping uses an integrated human research technology interface to provide a variety of solutions including:

  • Visibility of direct hire talent pools within peer and competitor companies
  • Targeting the best candidates and not just the most available, which is particularly relevant for executive search
  • Live salary benchmarking data for engaged candidates
  • Benefits and compensation analysis
  • Employee value proposition perception information, directly from the target employee market
  • Clarity and consistency when marketing your employer brand and activities.

Talent Mapping is simple in its approach with data that is 100% targeted. It has a reasonable element of human verification, meaning it is accurate and cost effective


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Total Workforce Intelligence

Total Workforce Intelligence (TWI) is a rapidly deployable big data analytics service that is based on the Accenture Insight Platform (AIP), alongside industry benchmarks. It is focused on key talent information, such as availability, cost, capability and industry comparisons.

The Approach


External Data Sources & Validation

Total Workforce Intelligence uses a three-tiered approach to continuously update the data set, ensuring that statistical confidence levels remain above 95%.

  • Tier 1 – Airswift Active Contractors
  • Tier 2 – Active Candidate Market
  • Tier 3 – Market Data & Industry Partners

The Outcomes


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