Global Employment Outsourcing Services (GEO)

Airswift can act as a fully integrated outsourced global employment organisation, working side-by-side with clients.

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What is GEO and how can it help my business?

For companies that want to stretch their corporate presence beyond their home country, access richer talent pools, and tap into new revenue outlets, global expansion is often the way to go.

However, entering foreign countries can be a tricky process. This is why a growing number of businesses opt to work with GEO companies.

GEO is an acronym for Global Employment Outsourcing. These services are provided by international employment firms that can act as a legal Employer of Record (EOR) for a client company.

GEO services are designed to simplify the international expansion journey and help you navigate various administrative HR tasks when:

  • Performing work in a country where your company may not be registered
  • Setting up a new legal entity
  • Understanding labour laws and tax implications in-country
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Could employment outsourcing help your business to expand? 

Contact a GEO specialist

The benefits of GEO outsourcing

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What is an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record is an organisation with the legal responsibility for labour compliance. This is especially important when operating in a country where your organisation does not formally have a local entity. An Employer of Record can support you with a range of tasks including:

  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Employee benefits
  • Foreign exchange and in-country money movement
  • Employment contracts
  • Insurance
  • Local laws
  • Immigration or visa/work permit processing
An EOR can also help to support your remote employees and create a seamless employee experience.

Some of the remote working challenges an EOR can solve include: 

  • Advising on notice periods and contracts
  • Assisting with legal documentation and tax filings
  • Provide in-country worker support 

Our global employment solutions include:


International GEO

Best for companies that do not have an entity in-country and/or local HR support. Employer of Record services, payroll of staff members (calculation of pay from gross to net), management of expat visas, option to provide Airswift employee benefits.


International payroll services

For companies that have an entity but no local HR support. Comprehensive solutions like gross-to-net pay calculations, payroll reconciliations, expense and tax management, compliance reporting, tax equalizations, allowance handling, PTO tracking, employee query resolution, and HRIS management.


Global HR consulting

Our global HR consulting services include entity setup, project management, organizational optimization, payroll and HRIS implementations, outplacement support, and comprehensive learning and development programs for leadership and new hires.

Global immigration

Our global immigration services offer complete support, including business visa assistance, advisory, work permit and authorization, application handling, and sponsorship, ensuring seamless international employee mobility. 

What are the key benefits of outsourcing global employment?


1. Quickly enter new markets

By working with an internationally diverse GEO company, you can quickly enter new markets without the need for establishing local entities.

Operating in multiple countries can be overwhelming for growing organisations. Navigating compliance, communicating with foreign employees, tax implications, and frequent immigration changes reduce your ability to focus on long-term talent strategy.

Partnering with a supplier with a detailed understanding of compliance requirements can help you concentrate on your company's growth and achieving your core business goals such as; market research, talent acquisition, customer service, and maintaining profitability. 
Benefits of GEO

2. Cost-effective and streamlined HR

Employment and compliance challenges are multiplied when your costs escalate from managing multiple suppliers or recruiting HR specialists.

There is a high cost associated with opening an entity in-country. It often makes more sense to leverage another company’s footprint to ease financial burdens.

Outsourcing enables you to work with a single entity while removing the need to maintain an expensive in-house team.

Benefits of GEO

3. Improved productivity and communication

An outsourced global employer organisation can provide one contact for all inquiries.

This increases efficiency and ensures issues are dealt with quickly while reducing the need to engage multiple stakeholders, freeing up time to focus on your core business functions. 

Benefits of GEO

4. Remain compliant, reduce risk

It is important that a workforce is not only mobilized quickly but legally. The need to stay on top of legislation is imperative to the success of any global company.

A global employment outsourcing specialist with in-depth local knowledge ensures your workforce is compliantly managed while reducing the risk of noncompliance and any operational errors. 

Wherever in the world, you choose to operate your business entity.
Benefits of GEO

5. Accurate and reliable payroll management

Maintaining in-house finance and international payroll teams can be expensive and difficult for clients without a permanent base in-country.

Paired with changing compliance requirements and limited legal knowledge, managing payroll is often one of the biggest challenges of global expansion. 

A GEO company can manage local/national income tax and social security payments on behalf of local and international employees. They can also make sure that this money is deducted from their salaries and paid directly to the tax authorities.
Benefits of GEO
Benefits of GEO
Benefits of GEO
Benefits of GEO
Benefits of GEO
Benefits of GEO

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Hire and manage remote teams with a GEO partner

Many things have changed since the Covid-19 pandemic and one of these is how the world has grown to embrace remote working.

For businesses that find themselves having to manage teams of geographically dispersed, international talent, working with a global employment outsourcing company can help to reduce the number of administrative tasks you'll encounter. Regardless of your business size. 

Working with a GEO company also helps companies expand their international talent acquisition efforts. An employer of record can help businesses hire from anywhere in the world  - without having to establish a foreign entity.

Letting you hire the best people for the job without having to worry about geographic restrictions.

By letting you sidestep time-consuming international business incorporation processes, an employer of record can help get your international hires on-boarded and on the job within days. 

Client testimonials

I have always found Airswift to be very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. We have used Airswift specifically to facilitate contractor needs in countries where we have not had an entity or where we have had a need for specific contractor assistance that Airswift can provide.
I get to deal with a lot of agencies, and I would say Airswift is at the top.
My experience with Airswift is that they are a first class organisation offering highly skilled and motivated individuals. Their flexibility in every day challenges and business dealings is an extreme asset.
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How can Airswift support your global expansion?

We specialise in handling the toughest immigration challenges, logistical hardships, and complex employment laws. It’s what we do. Let us share our experiences and support your growing needs where you need it most.


Our services


Talent Acquisition

Few issues are as critical to project delivery as the identification, on-boarding and management of productive workforces. Our highly experienced team behind our talent acquisition services work directly with clients to identify their hiring needs.

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Executive & Board Search

Airswift understands that attracting and retaining high performing leadership teams is the key to success. These are critical hires who can influence a business to achieve financial, strategic, and commercial goals. Our executive search firm, Ducatus Partners, is led by a seasoned team of industry specialists focused on sourcing C-suite leaders.

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RPO & Managed Solutions

From recruiting and mobilising entire multi discipline teams, to integrating a technology focused approach and supply-chain management, our support teams take on as much of our clients’ workforce organisation burden as possible.

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Workforce Consulting

Airswift has experience navigating the challenges of global expansion, managing international HR, tax and payroll challenges, finding niche and specialist talent, and restructuring and transforming organisations.

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