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What is global mobility?

You may think that global mobility is solely about assisting companies in relocating their workforce worldwide to meet their needs. While that is certainly a part of it, international mobility encompasses much more than just booking flights and arranging transportation to the airport.

Global mobility involves the meticulous management and optimization of every aspect involved in the relocation process. This can include:

  • Navigating complex immigration laws and visa systems
  • Coordinating airport pickups and destination services,
  • Securing suitable accommodations, finding schools and recreational facilities for family members
  • Handling local taxation and ensuring tax compliance
  • Optimising employment structures
  • Providing guidance on employment contracts, benefits, medical care, health insurance and more

In essence, it encompasses everything that is necessary to guarantee compliance, comfort, safety, and security throughout the entire relocation process. It streamlines the experience for both employers and employees who are moving for work.

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Our global mobility solutions offer a full, end-to-end service suite


Global immigration

Our global services streamline the immigration process for workforce deployment, ensuring each case is independently managed for compliance.

Airswift offers an innovative, web-based platform for mobilisation management, integrating processes to inform, save costs, and ensure compliance. Our portal allows clients worldwide access to their mobilisation program, facilitating a smoother process.

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Relocation services

Moving to an unfamiliar country can be a difficult process, and to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible, we offer a range of services to reduce any stress.

Our strength lies in employing highly trained Global Mobility specialists and investing locally in people. This ensures that we have a dedicated staff with in-depth local knowledge and experience to mobilise the best talent, no matter where it is located. 

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Global mobility checklist: Selecting a provider for your business


1. Compliance and transparency

Ensuring compliance with employment and tax laws in one country is complex enough. However, managing talent and employee mobility across multiple geographies is a whole different challenge. When selecting a global mobility consultant, it is important to consider their ability to mobilize a workforce while meeting compliance requirements.

Some consultants go above and beyond by offering global employment outsourcing (GEO), taking on the responsibility of efficiently moving teams. Additionally, global talent acquisition services can assist in expanding your workforce. Transparency is also key in this process. It is essential to work with a provider who is clear about their pricing and any potential hidden fees.

You should be confident that there are no undisclosed agreements influencing supplier selection. A transparent vendor management policy is a necessity.

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2. Mobility and security

It is no secret that a company's most valuable asset is its people.

When relocating a global workforce from the safety and security of their home country, it is crucial to ensure their safety and security in the new location. Some countries may pose more risks than others, and it is important to address these concerns.

This can range from providing safety briefings before mobilisation to having a dedicated security team and ongoing assignment management. Safeguarding data and information throughout interactions with third parties worldwide is also essential to protect both your employees and commercial interests.

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3. Local expertise

In today's interconnected world, it is technically possible to manage global mobility remotely from an office in Houston or London. However, there is no substitute for local knowledge and cultural understanding.

A mobility professional who is well-versed in the local culture and environment will have a better understanding of local laws and regulations. They will also know how to operate safely based on personal experience. Additionally, they will be familiar with reliable third-party services that may be required.

Having a local presence adds a human touch to the process. This includes providing assistance to assignees upon arrival, offering advice to families regarding schools and shopping, and being readily available in the same time zone to address any concerns or needs.

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4. Aftercare and the journey back

It is essential to not only focus on safely and securely moving employees to their new location but also to consider their return or next move. Demobilisation is not always as simple as booking a flight and packing boxes.

There are often financial matters to address, such as ensuring tax affairs are settled and handling the shipment of personal and household goods. Accommodation may need to be sold or rental contracts concluded. Your global mobility provider should not consider the job complete until the assignment is fully finished.

At Airswift, we understand the importance of these considerations and have a growing network of over 60 global offices to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Choose a provider that prioritises compliance, transparency, mobility, security, local expertise, and aftercare to ensure a successful global mobility experience.

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Four women chatting in a modern office: one with a coffee cup, another in floral, one with glasses and a portfolio, and one in a striped blouse.
Collaborative Laptop Session
Trio Boardroom Discussion1
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When entrusting a third-party relocation company with the safety and security of your workforce, it is crucial to choose wisely

Global mobility requirements can range from securing a single visa to relocating hundreds of workers to multiple countries with intricate immigration regulations.

No matter the specific needs, Airswift’s team of global mobility specialists are here to provide assistance with compliance, security, and all assignment requirements, ensuring that your personnel arrive safely and in full compliance.

Client testimonials

I have always found Airswift to be very responsive, helpful and knowledgeable. We have used Airswift specifically to facilitate contractor needs in countries where we have not had an entity or where we have had a need for specific contractor assistance that Airswift can provide.
I get to deal with a lot of agencies, and I would say Airswift is at the top.
My experience with Airswift is that they are a first class organisation offering highly skilled and motivated individuals. Their flexibility in every day challenges and business dealings is an extreme asset.

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Talent Acquisition

Few issues are as critical to project delivery as the identification, on-boarding and management of productive workforces. Our highly experienced team behind our talent acquisition services work directly with clients to identify their hiring needs.

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Global Employment & Mobility

Airswift can act as a fully integrated outsourced Global Employment Organisation, working side-by-side with clients, taking the burden from in-house teams and managing the entire process on their behalf.

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RPO & Managed Solutions

From recruiting and mobilising entire multi discipline teams, to integrating a technology focused approach and supply-chain management, our support teams take on as much of our clients’ workforce organisation burden as possible.

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Workforce Consulting

Airswift has experience navigating the challenges of global expansion, managing international HR, tax and payroll challenges, finding niche and specialist talent, and restructuring and transforming organisations.

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