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Kenya is a country rich in wildlife, culture, history and friendly people. Kenya is geographically diverse, with snow-capped mountain peaks and wide-open plains. The Kenyan population is comprised of more than 40 ethnic groups, each with their own unique dialect. Ancient Kenya history dictates that early forms of man once roamed Kenya approximately four million years ago.

Today, the economy of Kenya is the largest GDP in East and Central Africa. The capital city of Nairobi is a regional commercial hub, and the country exports tea and coffee. Kenya has food-processing industries, cement production and an oil refinery that processes imported crude petroleum into petroleum products for the domestic market.

While in Kenya, you can have a wonderful time viewing various wildlife and nature in the 40+ national parks and nature reserves scattered between Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean. These parks and reserves cover every landscape imaginable and features nearly every animal in Africa. Wildlife safaris are the most popular activity for tourists.

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