Relocation Services

Corporate relocation made easy

We understand that workforce mobility is not as simple as booking a flight and securing a visa.

Moving to an unfamiliar surrounding can be overwhelming. To ensure it goes smoothly, we offer a range of services to reduce the stress of the international relocation process.

Why should you work with a dedicated relocation management company?

  • Cost savings
  • Reduced complexity
  • Peace of mind

Our Relocation Services

Policy Administration and Counselling

Airswift Policy Administration and CounsellingFor companies expanding to new territories, it can be both an exciting and daunting time.

For your employees, this is multiplied. The prospect of international career development can be offset by fear of the unknown.

Common questions your employees may ask :

    1. Is it the right time to move location for work?
    2. What expenses are covered by my corporate package?
    3. Will there be an increased cost of living?
    4. Have I accounted for all the costs and whether they are covered by my company policy?
    5. Will I be able to find a suitable school for my children?
    6. Will my spouse find work?

No two individuals will have the exact same concerns, fears and queries. This is a vulnerable period for your staff and requires a personalised approach that understands and supports them.

Airswift provide pre-assignment counselling and ongoing guidance throughout the process. This includes thorough assignment cost estimates and projections to help you and your employee navigate their relocation.

For organisations without a formalised relocation policy, we can provide market intelligence to help develop a competitive package to attract, retain and mobilise the best talent.

Origin Services

Airswift Origin ServicesOnce the transferring employee(s) have been identified, Airswift can support with a range of essential services in their origin country.

These could include property and tenancy management, shipment of household goods or vehicle and pet transportation.

Preparation for the move can never start too early. We can coordinate language and inter-cultural training or family and spousal/partner support services to help your employee pre-acclimatise.

Localisation and Destination Services

Airswift Localisation and Destination ServicesDestination services ensure that your employee can arrive and thrive successfully in their new location. This could include a gesture as simple as an airport welcome or a detailed market orientation.

Orientation can incorporate a variety of needs from finding real estate, local services and essentials (e.g. supermarkets, churches or doctors). It could also include school/accommodation search, furniture rental and purchase assistance and settling-in services.

Our personalised approach ensures that each employee is relocated with minimum disruption to ensure they can adapt quickly to their new surroundings.

Airswift Travel, Rotation and Flight Management Services

Travel, Rotation and Flight Management Services 

Airswift have offices in over 50 countries and this provides us with extensive knowledge of international travel. Our scale also provides access to cost saving opportunities through our travel partners.

Airswift Host Country and Project Site Safety and Security TrainingHost Country and Project Site Safety and Security Training

  • Coordination and booking of required safety training courses
  • Client-consultant liaison regarding security requirements

Airswift Security and Emergency ServicesSecurity and Emergency Services

  • Destination specific safety briefing
  • Coordination and provision of security services
  • Provision of 24/7 local emergency support line

Global Employment Services

Airswift Global Employment ServicesA fully integrated outsourced Global Employment Organisation can manage employment, compensation and benefits, immigration, payroll and tax for clients.

Our Global Mobility specialists are trained to understand the local tax, licencing and social security requirements of their region. We also engage professional advisors to ensure that the advice provided is 100% accurate.

Services provided include the coordination of medical insurance, benefits, health screenings and inoculations.

When clients use Airswift as an outsourced Global Employment Organisation, they work with one contact for all enquiries. This increases efficiency, ensures any issues are dealt with quickly, and without the need to engage multiple stakeholders

Repatriation Services

Airswift Repatriation ServicesWhen temporary assignments come to an end, we provide a range of repatriation services to ensure nothing is missed.

A well planned and implemented repatriation process can reduce the likelihood of your employees leaving at the end of their assignment. This helps you retain knowledge and expertise while reducing the cost of hiring programmes.

The process can involve the following:

  • Management of departure
  • Medical and school records transfer
  • De-registration from local authorities
  • Bank account closure
  • Accommodation lease cancellation

These seemingly small tasks can build up and create stress for employees without effective management.

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About Airswift Global Mobility Services

Our global mobility division was born out of client needs for cost effective and compliant global assignment management alongside employment services.

In 40 years of providing workforce solutions, Airswift have mobilised thousands of skilled professionals all over the world. Our relocation experience includes moving services and management of group moves into developed nations as well as more challenging geographies.

Clients benefit from Airswift’s network of over 60 offices and extended group of partner agencies in over 130 countries. This allows entry into new markets without the need for establishing local entities.

Relocation Guides

Airswift Relocation GuidesAre you planning to relocate for a new role or are you in charge relocating employees? Download a relocation guide for your new country.

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