Creating a culture of giving

Community involvement and investment is more than just charitable giving, and Airswift regularly offer our time and hands to worthwhile projects that benefit our communities and in the industries we serve. As a company, Airswift exists to provide employment opportunities for our staff and a positive return to our shareholders, as well as make a wider contribution to those in society that are less privileged than ourselves and leave an impactful impression within the local communities in which we operate.

Historically, Airswift have supported various organizations and charitable causes, working with our local communities worldwide. From providing education to the people in the areas in which we operate, to setting aside an entire day of giving back to local communities each year, supporting local initiatives is embedded in who we are as a company.

Relay For Life


Following the merge, it was important to continue the culture of giving and Airswift decided to support Relay For Life, the world’s largest fundraising event and movement to fight every cancer in every community. 

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Community involvement and investment is more than just charitable giving, and Airswift regularly offer our time and hands to worthwhile projects that benefit our communities and in the industries we serve.

Airswift has and continues to volunteer our time and support to various causes and organisations, including food banks, blood drives, fundraisers, hospitals, cancer care facilities, higher learning, and more.

Health & Safety


“Zero is Everything” is Airswift’s global safety initiative. Our employees work closely with all contractors and clients to promote safety awareness and safe work practices where zero incidents is the goal. Airswift takes every possible step to ensure that no employee is harmed whilst undertaking their role with the business. 

Airswift issues a full health and safety policy as part of staff induction, as well as ensuring all employees are provided with the appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision that they require to work safely and efficiently. 

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Environmental Sustainability


We at Airswift are constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact. We operate our facilities with the necessary permits, approvals and controls and continue to learn more and better ways to go beyond compliance with the environmental laws and standards that apply to us.

We recognise we have a key role and can have a positive impact on the environment by displaying good choices and using opportunities to encourage best practice. In this way, Airswift can help create more sustainable communities in which to live and work.

Using the Reduce, Re-use & Recycle theory in all of our initiatives we encourage all employee to come up with ideas and participate in environmental programs for each business unit.

In 2021, we launched Airswift Earth Week, aimed at promoting and supporting our commitment to sustainability.

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Education & Training


Airswift is committed to enriching communities through education and industry training and thus looks for opportunities to support such efforts, particularly in developing countries.

In 2012, Airswift established the Langley Program. Inspired by Airswift chairman Ian Langley, the Langley Graduate Program builds local careers in Papua New Guinea. Since incepetion, the program has invested over K400,000 in the career development of 86 UPNG graduates. 

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Relay For Life

Learn more about Airswift's Relay For Life initiative, in which we fundraise for cancer charities

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"We are thankful to Airswift for putting their hand up to join the fight against cancer in PNG. It will help more Papua New Guineans receive awareness on the importance of early screening and detection through our education and awareness programs."

Pricillar Napoleon, PNGCF Executive Manager