Field Engineer Jobs In Oil And Gas


    In order to successfully deliver energy to those who need it, teams of field engineers must make sure every aspect of the oil production process runs smoothly. Airswift works with the largest employers in the energy, process and infrastructure industries in order to staff qualified workers to repair, maintain, and install new equipment. This ensures that the world has enough power to light homes, run cars, and keep food supplies from spoiling.


    The typical field engineer job description is someone who works on site to make sure proper maintenance and repairs are made to major machinery and electrical equipment as scheduled. When parts in the field break down, field engineers are the first responders to make sure the flow of Oil & Gas doesn’t stop.

    Our staffing services make sure that only the best employees are hired to maintain the quality our clients demand. We also put an emphasis on hiring safe employees who are willing to take a longer time to do the job correctly — so no person, animal or piece of land is harmed during the energy production process.


    Most field engineer’s work is performed on a remote site away from corporate offices. As the needs and locations of strategic energy reserves change, you will need to adapt with them. Airswift looks to hire the most adaptable, versatile and enthusiastic people to serve in the workforce for jobs in the energy, process and infrastructure sectors. While hard work is a key factor to the success of any oil rig or refinery, the lucrative rewards, benefits, and invaluable experience will last a lifetime.


    The work performed during field engineer jobs is both hands-on and high-tech. One day you will work in front of a computer, analyzing complex data about how to drill and which spots will produce the most oil yield. Other days, you will work directly with the machinery in order to ensure it is working at its maximum efficiency.

    Airswift is capable of attracting and recruiting some of the most skilled and experienced workers for our field service engineer jobs. We are also capable of providing an entry-level talent opportunity to learn through on-site training. This ensures a good mix into the workforce so mentorships can develop and foster a positive learning environment for this very high-tech and hands-on field. If you start a field service engineer job with Airswift, you will end it with in-demand experience that puts you first in line for jobs of the future.


    If you are an employer looking to hire on a skilled crew or if you are looking for employment with one of our highly lucrative field engineer jobs, we would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Fill in the contact form below at your earliest convenience. If you have any immediate inquiries, representatives across the country are waiting to take your calls and help you with your energy workforce solutions. Together, we will help power the entire world.

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