Geology Jobs In Canada

Canada is a leading supplier of oil and energy resources and they need help harnessing their massive supply. The number of geology jobs Canada has to offer is growing every day, and Airswift wants to help you take advantage of the current boom the Canadian oil industry is experiencing.

Airswift is one of the world’s largest international workforce solutions providers and we help employers find dedicated and experienced staff. With over 50 offices around the world, we have experienced tremendous growth because of our commitment to working with energy, process and infrastructure companies and professionals to solve complicated staffing solutions. With our staffing efforts for Canada geologist jobs, you will experience the same level of customer service as any of our other efforts.


The primary location for geology jobs in Canada is in the oil sands of Alberta. The three major oil sands of the province are: Athabasca, Peace River, and Cold Lake. Each area possesses different challenges to the different geologist jobs in Canada and we are looking for a diverse workforce in order to meet the energy demands of consumers. While the winters are fairly cold in Alberta, they are not unbearable and the summers are temperate.


As a skilled, educated and trained geology professional, your compensation and benefits start far above those who are working in other industries. Because of the high demand for petroleum products across the world, major energy, process and infrastructure sector companies compensate more for professional staff. The companies we work with reward your specialization and commitment to the field with high financial rewards as well as help with relocation, benefits, life insurance and living expenses while you are filling open geology jobs in Canada.


If you have the skills, experience, and education to fill our open Canada geology jobs, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible. We are always looking for qualified staff to fill all of the petroleum geologist jobs Canada has to offer and would be honored to work with you. You can fill out our form below and a representative will contact you as soon as possible. If you have specific questions about compensation, or benefits in Canada, call a representative and he or she will help you with this information. We look forward to meeting the world’s energy needs with you.