North Sea Oil and Gas Jobs


    The career opportunity of a lifetime is waiting with offshore North Sea jobs stationed off the coast of the United Kingdom; Continental Oil & Gas staffing is at an all-time high in the region, and Airswift wants to place workers in positions and help employers find qualified staff to maintain energy production..


    Recent tax breaks and an increased need for energy have made offshore vacancies in North Sea energy production rigs higher than ever. The highest energy-producing countries in the North Sea region are also looking to expand their efforts and increase production in areas that haven’t been previously tapped. Because of these developments, major corporations are investing more money into the efforts and need help from Airswift to fill available positions.

    As a worker looking for a career in the region, opportunities will not dry up anytime soon. Airswift plans to keep recruiting staff until production hits a peak in a couple of decades, and after that, Airswift will need even more qualified workers to look for further energy reserves in places geologists deem as viable for future energy production.


    Most of the offshore jobs in the North Sea come from the United Kingdom and Norway who control most of the oil production zones, rigs and refineries in the region. While most of the work will be performed on offshore oil rigs, all of Western Europe and parts of Scandinavia are easy to explore. Cultural centers of the world like London, Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen are just examples of the places you can see by working with Airswift.


    Airswift has taken a personalized approach to staffing solutions for over 35 years. We have over 50 operational offices in as many countries with staffed recruiters who look out for the needs of employers and candidates. Our recruitment officers guide you through each step of the process in order to make your experience and transition to your new career as smooth as possible.

    Whether you need staff to fill your North Sea offshore jobs, are a skilled energy engineer with years of experience, or are looking for a new entry-level opportunity to break into this lucrative and rewarding career, Airswift wants to hear from you. Feel free to fill in the contact form below with any general inquiries you may have about jobs offshore in North Sea oil facilities. If you have specific questions or want to get started on your employment needs right away, call us and we will help you get started as soon as possible.

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