Oil And Gas Supply Chain Jobs

    The path that the energy, process and infrastructure industries take to get their products from the ground and into the homes and cars of consumers is sometimes complicated. While most consumer products are shipped via truck, train and plane, supply chain Oil & Gas travels through an intricate series of pipelines and tubes in order to make more efficient deliveries. To meet the needs of the economy, people are needed to work in the Oil & Gas supply chain in order to oversee and supervise every step natural resources take in their journey.

    Airswift works with some of the biggest names in the Oil & Gas supply chain division of the energy, process and infrastructure industries in order to recruit talent and staff the expansive infrastructure that this world needs. We will work together with you and employers to put you into a supply chain Oil & Gas position in one of the following sectors of the industry:


    The first step in the Oil & Gas supply chain is to locate the oil and set up rigs. Working in this energy, process and infrastructure sector requires collaboration with geologists and setting up large rigs to drill for oil in places all over the world. Airswift can staff employees in virtually any place that requires a large exploration workforce.


    One of the most effective ways to ship oil and gas is through a series of complicated pipelines that run across communities, countries, and even continents. As major governments decide to spend more money to build more pipelines, the major oil-producing companies require new crops of skilled workers to help manufacture and maintain them.

    Where pipelines can’t reach, large oil tankers and ships must be used. Airswift works in conjunction with some of the leading ocean carrier companies to staff their vessels with experienced sailors who can carry out complicated missions across the globe.


    In order to make the oil from the ground usable, teams of chemical engineerstreat the crude products with additives in refineries. Airswift helps staff production facilities with skilled and entry-level workers who help maintain complex machinery in order to ensure the work of scientists and engineers is performed to perfection.


    With over 35 years of experience staffing the supply chain in the Oil & Gas sectors of the energy, process and infrastructure industries, Airswift will find you a job that meets your individual skills and passions. If you are ready to set your career in motion, fill the contact form below and we will set you up with a representative as soon as possible. If you want to learn more about careers or have questions about the complex nature of the Oil & Gas supply chain, our network of qualified staffing professionals are able to answer your questions around the clock.

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