Petroleum Engineering Jobs

    Welcome to Airswift. Since our beginnings, we've been a leader in energy staffing, including for petroleum engineer jobs. If you are hoping to find this sort of position, or fill one within your company, count on us for the support you need.

    Airswift prides itself on being a company that maintains strong, ongoing, and genuine relationships with clients and contractors. Whether you've worked with us before, or are just starting out looking for petroleum engineering internships, our attention to detail and personalized assistance will mean solutions you can trust.

    Who Is Airswift?

    As a staffing, recruiting, and human resources company for the energy, infrastructure and process industries, we are highly focused. We only work within this sector, connecting talent and need through jobs for petroleum engineers, roustabouts, management and even executives. Our contractors are not on the job boards, and depend on Airswift for the opportunities that make their careers. Likewise, our clients know that the candidates we send will match well with job descriptions, and be motivated by more than a paycheck.

    Those who look to us as a partner in their job search or employee expansion are considered part of the Airswift network, and are treated as such. While the primary goal is to connect workers with companies, we also want to see each party thrive. That's why we stay in close contact every step of the way.

    If You're Looking for Petroleum Engineer Jobs

    From the minute you sign up with Airswift, you will have a staff committed to helping you find a job. Each contractor has an assigned account manager, with whom he or she will speak at least every two weeks. Once we pin down a project that suits your skill and interest, we begin looking for its replacement, as many jobs in the energy industry are temporary.

    Often, new petroleum engineers jobs mean relocation for contractors. While this is the appeal for many, others are hesitant to leave home and familiarity. We make the transition easier by tending to logistics, including transportation, housing, visas, passports, and immigration papers. Better yet, we'll throw in a concierge package to help you get to know your new home.

    If You Offer Jobs for Petroleum Engineers

    Hunting for the perfect contractor is a big job, and we are glad to take on some of the legwork and red tape. Your petroleum engineer jobs will be filled quickly and with nothing less than the best. We'll take care of the background checks, drug screens, contract negotiation, logistics, and any other HR assistance you need. We'll also be glad to help you find the perfect people for petroleum engineering internships.

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    To locate open petroleum engineer jobs or petroleum engineering internships, or obtain help in filling one, feel free to fill the contact form below or find a phone number with our office locator. We look forward to working with you!

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