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Workforce solutions for the energy, process and infrastructure industries

By 2050, worldwide cities will be home to 6.4 billion people. The challenge for all, at home and abroad, is having the energy, process and infrastructure capable of servicing this focused growth in population.

Transforming the thinking around people’s roles in the delivery of the projects required to overcome these challenges is the essence of Airswift. Achieving it will create social and economic benefits critical to the future prosperity of all.



As renewable technologies advance, the world’s energy mix is changing; however, the base load delivery for the mid-term will remain hydrocarbon and nuclear based.

At Airswift, our approach adapts accordingly to the relevant energy technology. We have delivered numerous solutions globally to oil and gas, nuclear, power and renewables, as well as supporting transmission and distribution projects.



Supporting this growth will also require a significant increase in goods and materials from petrochemicals and polymers to produce plastics, rubber and synthetics, to the copper and lithium required to power and connect the future industrial Internet of Things.

Our discipline specific recruiters are experts in delivering solutions across all aspects of the process industry.



Whereas the energy and process requirements are significant over the coming years, standard of living improvements and efficiently transporting such a large population represents the biggest challenge of all.

Our discipline-specific teams focus on the built environment, transport and information technology sectors in both developed and emerging regions.