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    Experts in recruitment and workforce solutions for the information technology industry

    Airswift has 40 years’ experience in providing recruitment solutions to some of the world’s largest companies.

    Our team of recruitment experts come from 70 different nations and draw from our extensive in-house experience and cross-industry hiring intelligence to find the best candidates for a wide range of professional roles.

    Airswift has 60 interconnected recruitment offices across the world, which are complemented by super hubs in Houston, Texas, Manchester, UK, and Singapore. Our global coverage makes us an effective and trusted recruitment partner across the information technology industry.

    When it comes to technology recruitment, working with an experienced workforce solutions provider can help you to

    • Source the best in local and international talent
    • Ensure your project runs smoothly and on budget

    Talent acquisition and recruitment for the technology industry

    Our Technology recruitment specialists will work alongside you to develop and optimise an effective talent acquisition and pipeline strategy.

    Services include contract hire, direct hire and engaged search.

    Our talent acquisition services include:

    Airswift Talent Acquisition Workforce Solutions

    • Screening qualified potential candidates
    • Retained search and headhunter services 
    • Contingent staffing and contractor management
    • Professional search and permanent recruitment
    • Executive and board search

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    Global employment and mobility services 

    Need to move existing staff from one country to another for a specific project? Airswift is experienced in global immigration, relocation and employment outsourcing services.

    Our global employment and mobility services include:

    Airswift Global Employment & Mobility Workforce Solutions

    Managed Solutions and Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO solutions)

    Our managed solutions and recruiting services include:

    Airswift Managed Solutions

    • Full life cycle recruitment support
    • Supplier performance tracking
    • Onsite support
    • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
    • Transition services of incumbent contingent workers

    Consulting: talent mapping, benchmarking and strategy development 

    The talent landscape is constantly changing with new technologies, languages and cyber threats constantly evolving. Having access to key industry data can keep you one step ahead.

    Airswift’s consultants can provide you with talent mapping services and other hiring intelligence to help you build your own effective technology recruitment strategies.

    Our consulting services include:

    Airswift Workforce & HR Consulting Services

    • Talent mapping
    • Salary and market rate benchmarking
    • Identification and delivery of cost savings
    • Skills assessment
    • Strategic workforce planning
    • Performance and risk management advice

    Our experience in technology staffing and workforce solutions

    Airswift has played a key role in providing talent acquisition and global mobility solutions for many notable technology companies across the world, with a focus on the following specialisms:



    Cybercrime is estimated to cost businesses $6 trillion by 2021, which highlights the need for better network security and security experts, who can help a business prevent these disruptive attacks.

    Businesses understand that cyber security is the lynchpin for safeguarding their most precious assets, including intellectual property, customer information, financial data, employee records and much more.

    Individuals with a capability to define and implement IT security strategies and governance frameworks are highly valued and sought after.

    Demand for cyber security professionals grew by almost 94% between 2013 and 2019, which is 3x more than the overall growth rate for IT professionals.
    Burning Glass: The State of Cybersecurity Hiring

    According to a report by the Australian Cybersecurity Growth Network, the global cybersecurity market is set to increase to $270 billion by 2026.

    An effective cybersecurity professional will have a broad, detailed understanding of all components of information technology, hold cybersecurity certifications and have several years of relevant experience.

    This combined with developing technologies is causing global skill shortages and making it extremely difficult to find experienced cybersecurity professionals.

    Airswift provides recruitment solutions to attract and retain the talent needed to protect companies’ assets from the threat of cyber-attacks. Our clients range from start-ups to large corporate businesses across the commercial, public and defence markets.

    Our cybersecurity recruitment team has built networks of candidates with hard-to-access skills by immersing in this niche market, including but not limited to the following

    • IT Security Director
    • IT Security Manager
    • Security Architects
    • Security Specialists
    • Security Analysts
    • Security Engineers
    • Consultants

    Data Analytics

    Data Analytics is process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modelling data with the goal of discovering new information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making. Companies have amassed an incredible amount of data and without analytics, they are potentially losing a competitiveness edge.

    Companies are now realising that data can significantly improve business performance and its increasing demand for data professionals. The market is set to reach a value of $275bn by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 12% between 2017-23, according to a report by Market Research Future. 

    A great Data Analytics expert must have a firm comprehension of business operations. The analyst must be commercially mindful of the client, individuals inside their team, various departments and the line of business.

    The analyst must perceive and differentiate the genuine effect of their investigation and how it can influence the company’s decision commercially. Ultimately, the person will help the company in cost reduction, efficient decision making and innovation of products and services that gauge customer needs.

    Airswift have a global team of specialist Recruitment Consultants that focus on understanding the data analytics industry and building strong talent pools, including but not limited to the following

    • Data Science Director
    • Data Analytics Manager
    • Business Solution Architect
    • Business Analyst
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Scientist
    • Data Analyst 
    • Consultant

    IT Disciplines

    Our recruitment consultants are specialists in sourcing candidates for the following disciplines

    • Automation & Machine Learning
    • Cloud & Infrastructure
    • Cyber Security
    • Data Science & Analytics
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Information Security & Governance
    • Networking & Architecture
    • Project Management
    • Sensors, Electronics & IOT (Internet of Things)
    • Software & Database Developers
    • Transformation & Change Management

    Airswift have provided our business with excellent service during the recruitment for several diverse positions.

    Candidate shortlists were assembled in good time and were appropriate to the roles. The new colleagues will continue to be highly impactful to our business.

    Global VP of Business Development,, Honeywell

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