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Building talent pipelines in construction

The global construction industry looks to have a positive future. The Global Construction 2030 report, published by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics, forecasts growth for 48 major construction markets across the world in the next decade, and believes the global construction market will increase by $8 trillion by 2030.

In a separate report produced by the Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC), Global Construction Outlook to 2022, expansion in the global construction industry is expected to average 3.6% a year over the next three years, reaching $12.7 trillion in 2022 - an increase from $10.6 trillion in 2017.

This is expected to drive an 85% uptick in global construction output, according to the report, with China, India and the US accounting for 57% of overall growth. This will be powered by the ongoing industrialisation of developing countries, alongside developed nations recovering from economic instabilities.

However, despite the upward trends predicted, construction companies need to ensure their workforce strategies are fine-tuned to ensure projects are delivered on time and don’t go over budget.

The problems hiring managers face in the construction industry

Construction firms with global ambitions will need to implement effective workforce strategies to secure the best local construction talent, ensure expat workers can be mobilised in new regions, and navigate global regulation, labour and tax law.

One reason this is essential is that a number of regions across the world are seeing significant skills shortages in the construction sector. The UK Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), for example, highlights that civil engineers and architects may be in short supply in the future due to Brexit. Construction project managers and quantity surveyors are also hard to find.

Delays in finding qualified and available talent can impact project timelines, safety and costs. Turner cite the combination of labour shortages and high level of construction activity as key drivers of cost inflation increasing annually by 4.84% in 2019

The benefits of working with an experienced construction recruitment partner

When it comes to construction recruitment, working with an experienced workforce solutions provider can help you to source the best in local and international construction talent and ensure your project runs smoothly.

Airswift has 40 years’ experience in providing recruitment solutions to major global companies, from oil and gas supermajors to large-scale construction and infrastructure projects. Our team of recruitment experts come from 70 different nations, and draw from our extensive in-house experience and cross-industry hiring intelligence to find the best candidates for a wide range of professional roles.

Airswift has 60 interconnected recruitment offices across the world, which are complemented by super hubs in Houston, Texas, Manchester, UK, and Singapore. Our global coverage, combined with our 96% contractor satisfaction rate, make us an effective and trusted recruitment partner for the world’s biggest construction and infrastructure companies.

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Sourcing the best talent for your construction project

We partner with construction companies to provide the following services:

  • Talent Acquisition: Airswift are experts in sourcing potential staff, recruitment, onboarding, contractor management and more. We partner with hiring managers and HR departments to provide them with contract hire, direct hire, engaged search and other talent acquisition solutions.
  • Global Mobility: Need to move existing staff from one country to another for a specific project? Airswift is experienced in global immigration, relocation and employment outsourcing services.
  • Executive and Board Search: Through our Ducatus Partners advisory firm, Airswift will help your construction company find leadership candidates with fresh ideas to drive your business forward.
  • Consulting: The construction talent landscape is constantly changing, and having access to key industry data can keep you one step ahead. Airswift’s consultants can provide you with talent mapping services and other hiring intelligence to help you build your own effective construction recruitment strategies.
  • Managed Solutions: Whether you need Managed Service Provision (MSP) or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Airswift can help you lift the burden of construction recruitment and workforce solutions from your HR department.
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Our experience in construction

Airswift has played a key role in providing talent acquisition and global mobility solutions for many notable construction projects across the world, including:

  • 2022 World Cup Construction
  • Al Reem Island Development
  • Crewe S&C Collaboration
  • Hull Docks Enhancement
  • Katara Development
  • Lusall Expressway
  • Manchester Metrolink
  • Oman Rail
  • Qatar Rail
  • Singapore’s Sungei Road Station
  • ThamesLink
  • Zirku Island Civil Development