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Looking for a job in Baku's oil and gas industry? Airswift can help. Simply upload your CV below to get started.

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If you’re looking for a job in Baku's oil and gas industry, Airswift are here to help. We can introduce you to some of the energy industry’s biggest companies and will match your CV to your perfect position. 

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We specialise in STEM industries and have 40 years of experience in successfully helping candidates with their job search in these fields.

Once you’ve filled a vacancy Baku is offering, we’ll seek out a new one for when it’s finished. Don’t worry about travel and housing arrangements if you need to relocate — Airswift takes care of all the logistics and things like passports, immigration papers and visas. Taking it a step further, we provide a concierge package that makes getting to know your new home easier. We make sure you’re taken care of.

All of the Airswift Employees I have been in contact with from day one of recruitment to now have been absolutely amazing. Keep up the great job of professionalism, promptness and excellent people skills. All have been there and helped me with everything and were so positive and courteous.

Chevron, United States of America - Contractor

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We streamline the vetting and hiring process for those who create the jobs Baku professionals desire. With a large pool of experienced and motivated contractors and those looking for permanent positions, we find the people that meet 90% of your outlined skill set, possess a genuine passion for the work and are happy to work within the specified salary range. We also take care of details like payroll and benefits. Providing jobs in Baku energy suddenly got a whole lot easier.

If you’re looking to expand your workforce with the best talent in the industry, we can help. We’ll match the criteria in your job descriptions with the perfect CV from our global talent pool.

We’ll ensure that all the candidates we put forward meet at least 90% of your criteria and are passionate about the energy industry. We will also take care of various HR tasks, such as background checks, contract negotiation, payroll services and salary arbitration. 

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