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    Establishing a global presence as you foray into international markets is an exciting step. Working with a dependable Employer of Record (EOR) can help businesses navigate the various stages of going global.

    The foundation of running a successful company involves more than just delivering high-quality products and services to customers. Businesses often discover that there is a whole other realm of responsibilities that require equal attention for an organization to thrive. Especially if they’re planning to enter new, international markets.

    For this reason, many businesses have begun to work with EOR providers.

    An EOR is a third-party organization that supports a client company by hiring employees in a foreign country where they don’t have a local entity.

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    Aside from hiring, an EOR also shoulders numerous formal employment tasks such as: 

    • Sponsoring correct Visas and work permits
    • Ensuring all expansion and hiring plans are compliant with local regulations
    • Providing a local legal entity within the host country
    • Employee compensation and benefit management
    • Employee relocation services
    • Employee notice period and contract termination procedures

    Core EOR services

    Airswift EOR services

    Why choose Airswift?

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    ICON-GEM-RELOSERVICES-ALTGlobal employment outsourcing solutions

    Our EOR services are available in over 60 locations. Airswift helps to employ and manage talent on behalf of our clients. Ensuring all procedures are handled in-house without having to rely on third-party providers.

    ICON-MISC-IDentificationCard-GRADIENTImmigration support

    Understanding the laws that govern immigration processes is a daunting aspect of international hiring. Airswift works with international employees to help get the correct visas and permits for their new work location.

    ICON-MISC-UKcheckmarkStatus-GRADIENTLocation specific employee support

    We live in the countries we work in. This means that we have a designated team of Airswift staff who can regularly check-in with a client’s new hire. Our local service teams are available to answer all queries that may arise from clients and workers.

    ICON-MISC-CalculatorPercentage-GRADIENTPayroll management

    Payroll procedures vary according to country. Airswift provides payroll services that abide by the local regulations. We assist clients in managing all aspects of payroll processing. From setting up a local bank account to tax payments and worker compensation.

    ICON-MISC-DOCUMENTS-PAPERWORKDe-mobilisation services

    When a worker’s employment contract ends or if either party decides to terminate the employment. Airswift can support tax clearance, immigration cancellation and end-of-lease arrangements. We also help with bank account closure, organise return travel and more.

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    Benefits of using an Employer of Record

    Speed up your market penetration strategy

    Expedite the establishment of your company in a foreign country. An EOR can get you up and running in a new location in as little as 48 hours by appearing as the legal employer of your international hire. This allows organizations to hire the best global talent and leverage on new market opportunities as soon as they surface.

    Increased convenience

    Airswift’s Employer of Record solutions provides companies with flexibility. Businesses can test new markets or engage in short-term projects without setting up a physical foreign entity. This is especially helpful for smaller companies that don’t have the corporate infrastructure required to handle local payroll, immigration, and tax requirements.

    An EOR provide a company with a legal entity that can handle all these commitments. They also have the expertise needed to ensure the company is fully compliant with the laws and regulations of their host county.

    Cost effective

    An EOR allows companies to bypass the overhead costs that often come with setting up and maintaining an entity in a foreign location. From sourcing international talent to maintaining compliance issues, an Employer of Record lets businesses restructure their cash flow and allocate these resources towards escalating their growth plans.

    Minimise risk

    An Employer of Record helps to assume responsibility over the liabilities that come with hiring and operating internationally. Human resources issues relating to employee benefits, payroll and taxation, administrative operations and compliance are taken on by the EOR.

    Protecting companies from the risks involved in mishandling these matters. Working with competent and experienced EOR service providers give clients the peace of mind that these responsibilities are being properly managed.

    Why choose Airswift?

    People are at the heart of what we do. We are committed to providing businesses and employees with the support they need to ensure sustainable growth.  And we strive to channel this into all of our services. 

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    Employer of Record FAQ

    What is included in Employer of Record services?

    Most EOR services incorporate a similar set of services. The most common ones include (but are not limited to) payroll and taxation solutions, immigration and visa processing, insurance support and legal entity provision. Our Employer of Record blog is a great resource for businesses who want to know more about the service and its many features. 

    What countries do Airswift currently support?

    Airswift are present in more than 60 countries worldwide. Visit our locations page to view the full list of countries within our coverage.

    What is the paperwork involved in enlisting an Employer of Record?

    The documentation involved often varies and is highly dependent on the clients needs, country regulations and the types of engagement required from the service provider. The best way to find out more about this process is to reach out to Airswift. Our team are ready to equip you with all the information that you need.

    How much do Employer of Record services cost?

    The price of our EOR services is tailored specifically to the client. We work closely with our clients from across the globe to curate custom solutions that are best suited to their needs. Airswift are committed to delivering effective solutions at reasonable price points.

    What does 'Employer of Record' mean?

    Our Business Development Manager, Chiara Navigante, talks us through the meaning of the term Employer of Record.


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    “We appreciate the resources, support and expertise Airswift has provided during the divestment period and beyond.

    From the Project Management of development and implementation of US and international payroll, tax calculations of the GEC and IT systems for HR, to immigration support across multiple countries and regions, Airswift’s never ending support and guidance over the past 10 months has translated into a seamless transition for our employees in the US and abroad

    Global Benefits Manager, International manufacturing solutions firm