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Scaling Russia’s workforce challenge

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Written by: Larisa Katunina

CISTalent Acquisition

From sugar to oil: Guyana’s new opportunity

From sugar to oil: Guyana’s new opportunity

Guyana, the small, north-western country in Latin America, first made...

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Written by: Damir Tomicic


Co-employment risk: A matter of mitigation, not elimination

Co-employment risk: A matter of mitigation, not elimination

There’s a mistaken belief that it’s possible to eliminate nearly...

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Written by: Sam Cross


Managed service provision can improve business efficiency, reduce costs and increase compliance | Airswift

What is Managed Service Provision (MSP)?

A managed service provision (MSP) is a service in which...

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Written by: Mike Harper

Managed Solutions

The United Arab Emirates - growing in popularity for job seekers in energy

The United Arab Emirates: growing in popularity for energy job seekers

Last year's Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) revealed that the Middle East...

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Written by: Ford Garrard

Global MobilityMiddle East

Emiritisation jobs for UAE nationals

Dubai manpower licence – the global mobility key to the UAE

Opportunity in the Middle East for international business It is...

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Written by: Albert Kahlow

Automation benefits - securing competitive advantage in oil and gas

How oil and gas firms can increase competitive advantage with technology

According to Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew Mcafee, we are approaching...

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Written by: Ford Garrard

EnergyOil and Gas

Airswift on Automation - soft skills

5 key soft skills to thrive in an age of technology and digitalisation

The softer side of automation: A guide for companies and...

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Written by: Sara Howren


Overcoming the oil and gas workforce hurdle in Africa

Is African oil and gas production limited by a skills...

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Written by: Richard Clay

AfricaOil and Gas