Directional Driller Jobs in Oil and Gas


    The first step to obtaining directional drilling jobs is to understand exactly what this job will entail and how it will work. We can help you be a directional driller through Airswift since we are a full-service staffing company. This means that we can also give you all of the information that you need about formatting your resume, showcasing the types of skills that are most important, and making yourself looks attractive to companies that are hiring. Our recruiters will work with you from start to finish, beginning with the question: What is a directional driller?


    Next, the recruiter will want to meet with you to go over some of the various aspects of the directional drilling jobs that are on the market right now. We can help you find jobs across the globe and we have over 50 offices that are all at your disposal when you work with us. We can tell you about the company culture with different corporations that may be looking for a directional driller. You should also talk to us about your preferences for the pay scale and the contract length if you are searching for a contract position. This information will help us to target the specific directional driller jobs that will satisfy your requirements.


    After the recruiter knows what type of directional drilling jobs you want, he or she will go over the list of companies that may be interested in your services. We have previously sent workers to the super majors in the industry — companies like:
    • Shell
    • Chevron
    • BP
    • Exxon, and more!


    The potential for you to find great directional drilling jobs is huge. There are probably more jobs out there than you think. Remember, some of them are never opened up to the general public because staffing companies like Airswift the positions before open hiring becomes necessary. If you want to become a directional driller as quickly as possible, you need the connections that we provide so that you can see the entire job market, not just a portion of it.


    To start meeting with our recruiters and learning more about a directional driller job, just fill in the contact form below, at your earliest convenience. Since we know that time differences can sometimes be an issue with jobs in other countries, you can also email our offices. Contact us as soon as you get a chance to start searching effectively for directional drilling jobs! We want to help you craft a career that you will love for years to come.

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