Jobs on energy transition projects with 8 Rivers

We are hiring engineers and project managers for the premier net-zero solutions company for decarbonization

    Job Opportunities with 8 Rivers

    Off the back of $100M in additional funding and an announcement of the 8 Rivers joint venture with SK Group, the company is moving forward to build a world-class engineering and project management team.

    The new colleagues hired will be part of a high-performing team that integrates within the existing leadership and engineering teams, whilst maintaining the dynamic and collaborative culture of 8 Rivers.

    To meet its urgent hiring objectives, 8 Rivers have retained the services of Airswift to hire the engineers and project leadership personnel required. This will allow 8 Rivers to scale its teams, to serve the emerging demand for its portfolio of services, and manage its active project pipeline.

    This is an exciting time to join 8 Rivers. Over the coming few years, we aim for massive impact because we must - if companies like ours don’t achieve meaningful scale the world will fail to reach its net-zero climate goals. This is what motivates us.

    Our team is made up of experts across disciplines with a common mission – clean energy. Energy is a human mission, it allows us to build schools, improve access to health care, and enhance the quality of life. 8 Rivers and our technologies meet the world where it is to enable access to cheap, clean, and plentiful power.

    Cam Hosie, Chief Executive Officer at 8 Rivers

    Vacancies at 8 Rivers

    We are putting together a strong team and all profiles with relevant experience are welcome.

    Roles available include, but are not limited to:

    • Project Manager
    • Project Engineer
    • Process Engineer
    • C&I Engineer
    • Document Controller
    • Clean Energy Financial Associate
    • Senior Engineering Manager

    If you are interested in working with 8 Rivers please upload your CV using the form on this page.

    About 8 Rivers

    8 Rivers Capital, LLC is a Durham, NC-based firm founded in 2008, which is leading the invention and commercialization of sustainable, infrastructure-scale technologies for the global energy transition as the premier net-zero solutions company for decarbonization.

    8 Rivers is developing and deploying technologies for clean hydrogen and ammonia (8RH2), transformative zero-emissions power cycles (Allam-Fetvedt Cycle) direct air capture (Calcite), retrofit carbon capture and other advanced clean energy systems.

    You can find out more about 8 Rivers at

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    8 Rivers Anchors the Circular Economy with Clean Fuels

    We are moving towards a circular economy in which industrial by-products are captured, recycled and monetized rather than discarded. 

    Future state

    • By-products of power generation are captured, recycled and monetized
    • Waste from one industry is a feedstock to another industry
    • Multiple income streams for each unit of capex
    • Zero-emissions benefits the climate, no drag on bottom line

    CO2 Products & Building Materials (e.g.) Carbon Nano, 3-D Printing (5)


    Clean Fuel Sits at the Nexus of Global Industries Demanding Climate-Centric Solutions

    Decarbonized hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and other liquid fuels enable decarbonization of key industries that drive global energy supply and demand.


    Notable article features

    Ammonia has the most viable hydrogen energy carrier for early utilization, expected to start in the middle of the 2020s...ammonia is attracting worldwide interest as a potential carbon-free fuel for marine engines, drive power station turbines.

    Japan bets on ammonia as the fuel of the future, July 2020

    Meet the 8 Rivers Team

    Cam Hosie

    Chief Executive Officer

    Hosie_head v2
    Cam has been in wide-ranging strategic, commercial and legal roles across 8 Rivers and is a member of the core NET Power Development Team. He leads the development of multiple commercial projects while building strategic partnerships for the firm. Cam led a $B+ cross-border energy and industrial sector M&A and joint venture transactions as counsel with major firms in London, Amsterdam, Moscow and New Zealand. He has bachelor's degrees in computer science and law from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and an LL.M. from Duke Law School.

    Damian Beauchamp

    President and Chief Development Officer

    Beauchamp_head v2
    Damian identifies and secures revenue opportunities, advances the strategic direction of the firm, and leads the development of commercial projects. He is a co-founder of an energy storage company, featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list ('15-Energy), and was awarded the Future Leader in Chemistry Award. Damian has a B.S. in Chemistry from Kent State and an M.S. from The Ohio State University. He has completed a sustainability and leadership training at Rice's Jones Business School, Western's Ivey Business School, and Colorado School of Mines (ACS).

    Steve Milward

    SVP Engineering and Operations

    Milward_Headshot_22_Crop (2)

    Steve Milward leads the engineering and operational delivery team of 8 Rivers. With over 32 years served in the Energy and Oil and Gas sector, he has held multiple senior level positions at global companies. Steve has significant experience in all aspects of the project lifecycle and managing large, challenging energy sector design and installation projects whilst leading the way in hydrogen and carbon capture technology innovation.

    Ann Banks

    SVP Commercial

    Ann Banks

    Ann is responsible for commercializing 8 Rivers technologies by leading the teams responsible for the global development of major commercial projects. She previously served as Chief Commercial Officer and board member to energy companies and has led multi-national negotiations and spearheaded development teams on large scale power plants. She has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern and a BA in Accounting from Loras College.

    8 Rivers Values & Cultures

    Employer Branding Icons - Positive Work Culture-1

    People & Culture

    A true ‘start-up’ company dynamic, apprised of a high-performing group of men and women, collaborating as a team of pioneering professionals, ranging from early-career engineers to mid-career R&D Ph.Ds., to tenured career professionals with patent developments. There are diverse nationalities from the U.S., New Zealand, the UK, and Turkey to name a few.


    Organizational Design

    8 Rivers' vision is to create the foundations of a ‘best in class’ delivery model that supports its corporate strategy and allows the business the flexibility to develop products and solutions that can be deployed through projects, effectively and efficiently, driving operational excellence and creating value.

    Building key resources in line with the near-term business needs and embedding a delivery structure that enables ‘Our People’ to work seamlessly across all aspects of the technology innovation, solutions, products, and project portfolio, in a culture and environment where they can grow, develop, and achieve their career goals.

    Deployment of strategic frameworks will enable us to have a client-centric focus through utilizing local professional services, allowing us to support our clients locally.


    Diversity & Inclusion

    8 Rivers has a team that is diverse in gender and ethnicities, academic backgrounds, and technical disciplines. They have a strong commitment to advancing the balance of diverse colleagues as it scales the organization’s employee base.


    Environmental, Social & Governance

    8 Rivers is a mission-driven organization, founded purely on the vision of implementing applied science and technologies to drive its part in leading a net-zero future.

    career development

    Collaboration & Career Development

    8 Rivers believes its people are its best asset. They create the vision and strategy for technical excellence, capturing key skills, competencies, and experience, which enables business-wide visibility to drive innovation.

    For example, James Custer was hired as a Ph.D., Engineer and was promoted to Chief of Staff while progressing the company’s organizational design and growth. He co-developed and continuously improved the company document systems, business development procedures, and project management platform.



    401K, 100% employee (50% family) full suite of health insurances (**dental, vision available via program), paid holidays, PTO, paid parental leave and flex time when needed.

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