Marine Engineering Jobs In Oil & Gas

Airswift maintains largest network of contractors in the energy, process and infrastructure engineering industries. We are currently seeking educated and highly skilled people to fill jobs in marine engineering for offshore vessels in the Oil & Gas producing parts of the globe. Airswift also helps those looking fill open jobs in marine engineering with the most qualified and dedicated candidates in the world.


The basic marine engineer job description is someone who is trained to maintain, update and operate large vessels used for the production and transportation of Gas & Oil from production sites to their destinations. Offshore vessels use high-tech equipment in order to operate heavy machinery used to build structures off the coasts of oil producing nations. Your marine engineer job description will be to oversee shipboard systems, propulsion systems and other support systems for the entire crew. A marine engineering job description can also include the design of massive oceanic drilling structures.

Marine engineering job descriptions usually require that candidates possess an advanced degree in mechanical or engineering technology. Prior experience in a navy or coast guard also adds to a candidate’s experience. Work on a an offshore vessel requires long hours and entails many responsibilities, which is why Airswift looks to hire those who are committed to performing their jobs with diligence and professionalism.


Jobs in marine engineering are located off the coasts of the world’s Oil & Gas producing countries. You could work in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Shore off of Norway, the Ivory Coast or on an LNG project in Western Australia. A commitment to move to a new job is a requirement, and Airswift takes care of all of your travel logistics. We make sure you have transportation and housing as well as a “concierge pack” to serve as an introduction to where you’ll be staying. We also expedite passports and visas to make sure you are legal to work in a foreign country right away.


Airswift acts as a full service human resources agency for the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Every contractor receives an account manager who is directly responsible for a contractor. Before you are hired for jobs in marine engineering, Airswift performs necessary background checks and drug screens. Also, Airswift handles all payroll processing, contract negotiation and salary arbitration so employers in the energy, process and infrastructure industries can focus on their goals.


Jobs in marine engineering require skilled workers who seem to be in short supply. Airswift has over 50 offices in 57 countries that would like to talk to you about your future jobs in marine engineering. If interested, feel in the contact form below or call us for more information. We look forward to working with you to support and continue the mission of the global energy, process and infrastructure industries.