A reflection on the three-year anniversary of the Airswift brand

April 22, 2019

Trusted worldwide

The merger of two huge, multi-national, recruitment companies was big news when it was announced in January 2016. Air Energi and Swift Worldwide Resources both had long, and esteemed histories, so fusing the two together was no easy feat.

The big merger

9-The-Big-Merger-210x125As is often the case with large-scale mergers, much of the work was done on a need to know basis before any official announcement could be made. So, for me, when it came to developing the new brand, it had to be done secretly, quickly, and with limited information to hand.

Ahead of the public launch, we developed a logo, a strapline, new social media accounts, and a website. Additionally, we ordered polo shirts for every employee and popup signs for each office so the new brand could come to life as soon as the news was made public. Then, the arduous process of updating all branded materials – from promotional products to sales literature and office signage – was underway. Those first few months of significant groundwork created a contagious momentum that I believe was pivotal to the positive results Airswift has enjoyed since.

Milestones and successes

9-Milestones-and-Successes-210x262The merger was a great success, resulting in a more diverse workforce that spans over 60 locations worldwide. We have also diversified our client portfolio within oil and gas and in related sectors, including infrastructure. As we evolve, we are improving the ways we partner with clients and expanding the services we provide.

In 2016, Ducatus Partners joined the Airswift family. Operating independently of Airswift, the industry-leading team delivers executive search, market intelligence and related consultancy to clients across the energy and private equity value chain.

And in 2017, we launched our annual Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) and it is now the world’s largest energy workforce trends report. Each year it provides valuable market insight – from digitalization to skills shortages – to help our customers make more informed decisions when it comes to their workforce.

Giving back


I know I’m not alone when I say one of the company’s proudest achievements has been the global Relay for Life fundraising initiative. We put a unique spin on the event by adding a virtual component and it is still the only one of its kind in existence.

This has been championed by our CEO Janette Marx, who was promoted from COO to CEO in June 2018. The initiative supports cancer charities all over the world in their research and education efforts. Since the first virtual relay in 2016, Airswift has raised more than $133K with staff taking part in events including half marathons in Singapore and Brisbane, a dance-a-thon in Houston and a triathlon in the UK. There will be plenty more to come!

What's next?


In the future, I anticipate we will continue to be creative in the ways we collaborate with our clients to find the best talent. Co-branded marketing campaigns, which leverage the brand strength of both the client and the recruitment company, technology improvements, and automations are some exciting things on the horizon.




This post was written by: Maegan Vinson, Global Marketing Director at Airswift