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The next energy generation: engage and attract Gen Z

Discover five actionable steps for energy companies to attract Gen Z. Engage the next generation in a sustainable future.

Written by: Diyaa Mani May 2, 2023

Visas VS Work Permits: What are the differences?

Read our blog to know more about the differences between visas and work permits. How to get the best assistance when expanding internationally and how Airswift can help your business.

Written by: Tomás Battaglia April 26, 2023

What remote workers need to know about FLSA/FMLA coverage in the USA

Read our blog to know more the FLSA and FMLA and how they can both protect remote employees in the United States.

Written by: Tomás Battaglia April 14, 2023

COMPASS 2.0: Singapore's latest employment pass regulation

Discover the updates on Singapore's COMPASS framework. Learn about the new scoring criteria and how it impacts businesses. Read now for important insights!

Written by: Diyaa Mani March 30, 2023

Beware of employee misclassification: Legal implications to know

Employee misclassification is prevalent - but the legal consequences are severe. Employers need to be aware of its legal implications

Written by: Diyaa Mani March 21, 2023

The impact of good leadership on workplace success

Read our blog to know more about the impacts of good leadership, what the modern concept of leadership looks like, great leadership examples and more.

Written by: Tomás Battaglia March 6, 2023

A new era: why benefits matter when hiring top talent

Read our blog and get to know everything about the new era, when benefits become as important as salaries. Discover the benefits trending for 2023 and more

Written by: Tomás Battaglia January 31, 2023

Stay interviews: The future of hiring and retention

Stay interviews can help gauge employee engagement and create healthier workplaces. Read our blog to see how they contribute to effective hiring and retention.

Written by: Diyaa Mani January 26, 2023

Why it’s important to expand into global markets quickly

Global market expansion brings many benefits to a business. Read our article to learn about the benefits and ways to implement global market expansion successfully.

Written by: Diyaa Mani January 11, 2023