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US offshore wind energy: a deep dive into its potential, creating jobs and boosting the economy

Want to know everything about US offshore wind energy, from leading companies, projects, and jobs, to challenges and opportunities? Read the blog and get ready for the market!

Written by: Nana Terra May 30, 2023

GETI 2023 webinar: A comparative analysis of renewables and oil and gas

Discover key insights from our GETI 2023 webinar, where we explore talent attraction and retention challenges faced by oil and gas and renewables players.

Written by: Leanna Seah May 12, 2023

The next energy generation: engage and attract Gen Z

Discover five actionable steps for energy companies to attract Gen Z. Engage the next generation in a sustainable future.

Written by: Diyaa Mani May 2, 2023

Three US solar energy projects starting in 2023

The industry generated more electricity than coal and nuclear last year. Interested in a career in solar? Check out educational programs, top projects, and the regions investing the most.

Written by: Nana Terra April 24, 2023

What should renewables companies do to retain talent in 2023?

Read our blog to find out what renewables companies need to do to retain talent in 2023.

Written by: Ryan Carroll April 12, 2023

Riding the wave of change: market trends, energy and talent in Brazil

Brazil has much to offer for the energy industry. But the country's growth also has a lot of surprises in sectors like tech and green tech.

Written by: Nana Terra April 5, 2023

Wind energy in Brazil breaks records and creates jobs

Brazil is in 6th place in the global wind ranking with 24GW of installed capacity. Find the top onshore and offshore projects, leading companies, and how renewable energy recruitment agencies can help you.

Written by: Nana Terra April 4, 2023

Brazil is a world leader in renewable energy job creation

The country has more than 80% of its electricity matrix from renewable sources. Find out key companies, jobs in demand, and energy sectors driving economic recovery.

Written by: Nana Terra March 16, 2023

5 US Green hydrogen projects starting in 2023

Green hydrogen has been on the table as a key in the path to net zero in the USA. Uncover top projects, jobs in demand, and how a world-leading renewable energy staffing company can help you.

Written by: Nana Terra February 7, 2023