Engineering Headhunters

Recruiting niche engineering talent for technical industries globally

    Headhunting niche engineering talent

    Our specialised engineering recruitment teams ensure your open positions are filled with the best. We have had the pleasure of helping thousands of global companies to grow in new markets.    

    Airswift can act as a fully integrated outsourced global employment organization, working side-by-side with clients. This eases the burden of in-house human resource teams by managing the entire process on their behalf.  

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    Why work with an engineering headhunter?

    There are countless reasons as to why our professional engineering headhunters are the best to work with:

    • Highly prepared and qualified
    • Ready to assist you throughout every phase of the recruitment process.
    • High level of expertise
    • Most reputable and experienced candidates screened
    • Candidates provide only the highest standards of work

    Leading engineering recruitment agency to technical industries including:

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    What are the main advantages of working with international recruitment agencies?

    • An existing talent pool internationally mobile
    • Possibly willing to relocate/already working in the area you need staffing
    • Manages the paperwork-intensive process of international hiring
    • Reviews and approves pre-screened candidates
    • Connects you with highly-skilled labor quickly - minimal strain on HR or management teams
    • Frees up your existing management and human resources teams
    • Help you focus on your core business by managing applicant search/vetting
    • Make your international expansion simpler, smoother and quicker

    Executive search delivered by Ducatus Partners

    Attracting and retaining high performing leadership teams is the key to success. These are critical hires who can influence a business to achieve financial, strategic, and commercial goals.

    Our executive search firm, Ducatus Partners, is led by a seasoned team of industry specialists.focused on sourcing C-suite leaders.

    Find out more about our Executive & Board Search services

    Executive search and retained headhunter services

    Professional search: finding permanent talent

    Airswift's professional search specialists can uncover the best candidates for difficult to find permanent positions.


    Engaged Search

    Engaged searches are research-focused and ideal for confidential and highly sensitive searches.

    Associated primarily with technical engineering and managerial appointments, engaged search has a meticulous, methodical, collaborative, and consultative approach.


    Retained Search

    A retained search is often associated with senior appointments. This may include executive appointments at the director to C-suite level.

    These are critical hires essential to achieving financial, strategic, and commercial goals.


    Multi-Hire Campaigns

    When hiring in large quantities, internal HR teams may need additional support to hire multiple technical and managerial staff.

    Employer branding, talent mapping and recruitment marketing

    Are you looking for guidance on market rates for engineers? Or seeking to maximise the efficiency of talent-related spending? Or optimise workforce productivity?

    Our talent consultancy team help your HR department with:

    • Market research, talent mapping and rate benchmarking
    • HR strategy development to identify your long term goals for acquisition and workforce planning
    • Development of your Employee Value Proposition and ways to effectively market your company culture


    • Dedicated discipline-specific research and recruitment team
    • Clear KPIs and delivery schedule
    • Significant reduction in cost and time to hire
    • Visibility of all research for each individual candidate identified
    • Access to talent mapping software 24/7
    • Extensive headhunting, active networking, and advertising initiatives
    • Research report outlining the key findings

    Market intelligence

    • Provision of accurate, real-time staffing costs
    • Full understanding of top talent on a local, regional and national basis
    • Highlights any trends or challenges faced (i.e. other projects) when building your talent pipeline
    • Identifies talent gaps
    • Outline career pathing requirements and address future talent shortages
    • Assures the attraction and retention of high potential pools of candidates
    • Opportunity to communicate a clear & consistent message to the talent pool
    • Supports talent planning
    • Provides access to talent as and when needed
    • Can be provided by discipline or sector

    Compensation & Benefits Studies


    Benchmarking highlights market compensation trends and their impact on employee productivity and your ability to attract and retain top talent.

    Airswift compiles a thorough expense and salary benchmarking to help you plan ahead. The process consists of all or a portion of the following:

    • Contractor Role Review
    • Job Title vs. Job
    • Job Duties vs. Market
    • Rate vs. Industry
    • Identification of Cost Savings

    Employee Value Proposition

    We help clients identify where they sit within their marketplace and how to enhance their employer brand.

    This can be achieved through perception studies, employee/candidate surveys or recruitment marketing campaigns.

    This can be achieved through perception studies, employee/candidate surveys or recruitment marketing campaigns.

    • contract
    • exec search and supplementary services
    • GEO
    • Consulting
    • talent mapping
    • global mobility

    Global Employment,  Mobility and relocation services

    Airswift Global Employment & Mobility Workforce Solutions (GEM)Sometimes vetting and hiring the right talent is hard enough.

    Adding international labour and tax laws complicates things further

    A global employment agency can take care of the complex legal and logistical requirements that could otherwise stall your expansion.

    Our Global Employment & Mobility team can handle the details and paperwork that could prove overwhelming for your existing staff, if they don't have experience in overseas hiring and relocations.

    • Global immigration and visa services
    • Mobilisation and logistics services
    • Relocation management
    • Payroll outsourcing and taxation services
    • Contractor care management
    • Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO)

    Our headquarters in the United Kingdom, United States and Singapore are the hubs for our international projects. In addition, we have over 60 global offices and significant overseas recruitment presence throughout the Middle East, Africa and Latin America


    Recruiting qualified candidates for engineering jobs in the following disciplines

    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Drilling & Completions
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Industrial
    • Chemical & Process Engineering

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    40 years experience as an engineering staffing agency

    As a staffing agency with over 40 years in engineering workforce solutions and 7,000 employees, we’ve been there.

    We have experienced the hardships of global expansion. We have also had the pleasure of helping thousands of global companies to grow in new engineering markets.

    Are you an engineer with the skill set to excel? Start your job search with Airswift!

    Engineers working on a building site holding a blueprints

    Airswift is one of the leading recruitment agencies for engineering jobs and can help you land your next role. We encourage you to navigate to our jobs board, where you can search for the most suitable engineering job for your skill set.

    You can filter the results by discipline, industry, contract type and location to really define your engineering job search.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does Airswift’s recruitment and talent acquisition process look like?

    Our talent acquisition team uses a variety of sourcing techniques to ensure maximum coverage of the active and passive candidate pool.

    This includes a range of interpersonal and technology-focused approaches:

    • Applicant tracking systems
    • Job boards
    • Social media
    • Email campaigns
    • Events
    • Digital marketing (SEO/PPC)
    • Corporate website advertising
    • Video campaigns
    • Candidate referral schemes

    Key to our approach is the discipline focus of our recruiters. When you need a Cost Engineer and a Construction Manager, you will be assigned different recruiters.

    Each consultant is an expert in their vertical and understands the skills, terminology and desirable traits/qualifications for both roles. This niche focus ensures a higher hit rate of suitable candidates for our clients.

    What screening methods can Airswift provide?

    During the assessment phase, Airswift employs a number of screening methods to assess experience and competence.

    As well as the standard industry reference and background checks, Airswift can also employ alternative screening methods.

    These processes are usually only implemented at the specific request of the client as they have a commercial impact.

    • Face to face interviews
    • On-line screening
    • Psychometric testing
    • Aptitude testing
    • Technical evaluation testing
    • Behavioural-based screening to assess competencies and skills
    • Safety awareness and adherence
    • Identity Verification
    • Certification Verification
    • Legal Right to Work Verification
    • Residency Check/Address Verification
    • Adverse Media Check
    • Sanctions Check
    • Civil Litigation Check
    • Criminal Record Check
    • CV Discrepancy Check
    • Employment Verification

    What is our approach to sourcing permanent roles?

    Unlike a traditional contingent recruiting agency, Airswift works with clients via service level agreements. These agreements govern the process and contain commitments from both parties.

    Each stage is underpinned by unique best practice and includes:
    • Job description optimisation
    • Qualified candidate suitability matrix
    • Advanced skill and competency matching
    • Multi-source searching
    • Documented screening interviews
    • Psychometric assessments
    • 360 Referencing
    • Continuous improvement (hiring company & candidate)

    Why is hiring efficiency so vital?

    • Avoiding project delays
    • Reducing costs
    • Maintaining productivity
    • Building internal innovation capacity

    What is talent mapping?

    A talent map provides targeted data and bespoke real-time engineering market intelligence. This can be invaluable when hiring niche disciplines within a specific region.

    This helps your HR teams reach the best candidates without adding workload or costs.

    How can talent mapping help your business compete?

    • Visibility of direct-hire talent pools within peers and competitors
    • Targeting the best candidates and not the most available.
    • Live salary benchmarking data for engaged candidates
    • Employee value proposition perception information
    • Clarity and consistency when marketing your employer brand

    How can talent mapping help optimise your business strategy?

    Improve Efficiency of Talent Acquisition
    • Reduce time-to-hire
    • Reveals a clear picture of rewards
    • Enables just-in-time hiring
    • Communicates clear and consistent employer brand message to the talent pool
    Improve Reliability of Decision Making
    • Provides guidance for workforce planning
    • Reveals competitive talent segments/structures
    • Assures visibility of ALL prospective hires
    • Removes recruiter error

    Are you looking to hire for your next project?

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    When we first met, we were cautiously hesitant about using an untested recruitment partner who also had initial upfront fees.

    However, Airswift managed to eliminate our concerns and has provided our company with exemplified service from our initial meeting to the final steps in the recruiting process.

    We are extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and knowledge they have demonstrated by fulfilling our technical requirements

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    Specialist engineering headhunters in Texas, UK, Singapore and 50+ other locations worldwide 

    We provide engineering and technical recruitment to global firms from our headquarters in     

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    Airswift have been delivering top engineering talent to mega projects for 4 decades.