Airswift/PCSI collaborate to mitigate contractor risk in Canada


By Monica Peralta
September 14, 2016

August 23, 2019

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CALGARY, Alberta, September 12, 2016: Airswift, the global workforce solutions provider for the energy, process and infrastructure sectors, has formed a strategic alliance with Professional Contractor Solutions Incorporated (PCSI). PCSI is a professional solutions provider whose unique model significantly reduces the risk of contractors being deemed to be “dependent” on the organization with whom they are engaged and in turn distances the company from a host of severance, potential tax and legal obligations that would otherwise be associated with those contractors.

Over the last decade, the Canadian courts have created a massive severance liability for companies that use independent contractors by deeming many of these resources to be “dependent contractors.” As a result, they could be entitled to many of the same benefits owed to full-time employees, including severance upon the termination of a contract, legal fees associated with the severance process, and potential legacy tax obligations incurred by the dependent contractors. In response, Airswift and PCSI have aligned to provide the unique PCSI solution to Canadian companies, enabling them to work with independent contractors and avoid the dependent contractor classification issues.

“Past court cases have shown that traditional approaches are no longer viable safeguards against the rapidly escalating financial exposure relating to employment issues,” said Kerrianne MacMullin, Sales Director Canada at Airswift. “By working with PCSI we are able to offer the only true risk mitigation strategy for Canadian companies engaging with independent contractors.”

VP Operations of PCSI, Tracy Clark added: “The PCSI model was vetted over an eighteen-month period and ultimately confirmed by tax and legal experts as being compliant with the latest tax rules to significantly reduce the risks. By aligning with Airswift we are now able to leverage their comprehensive network and more efficiently offer our unique risk mitigating solution to the broader Canadian population.”

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