AI's impact on healthcare: A conversation with Dr. Hagen Wenzek

August 15, 2023

    the impact of AI on Healthcare with Dr. Hagen Wenzek

    In our latest episode of the "AI to Z Podcast," our Chief Revenue Officer, Anna Frazzetto sat down with Dr. Hagen Wenzek, CEO at GI Digital and co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Corporate Health International. They delved deep into the transformative role of AI in healthcare, the challenges it presents, and the future of technology.

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    The promise of AI in healthcare

    Dr. Wenzek is optimistic about the role of AI in healthcare. He believes its most significant advantage is the consistency it brings, especially in fields like computer vision. AI can interpret medical images, providing invaluable support to experts and ensuring consistent performance regardless of human fatigue or other factors.

    Challenges and concerns

    However, with great power comes great responsibility and the healthcare industry's heavy reliance on AI can bring about the following challenges:


     Ensuring AI doesn't introduce new errors is crucial, especially in critical tasks like diagnostics.

    Bias in AI training

    Some AI models are trained predominantly on specific demographics, leading to potential biases when applied broadly.

    Unforeseen challenges

    Continuous experimentation with AI might reveal capabilities that could be daunting, especially given AI's rapid learning ability.

    The role of government in AI regulation

    The conversation shifted to the potential role of governments in AI regulation. Dr. Wenzek believes government institutions have a significant role to ensure AI's safety, correctness, and benefits. Drawing parallels with the FDA's role in medicine, he emphasised the need for scrutiny, especially when releasing AI models to the public.

    The evolution of cloud computing

    Reflecting on the evolution of cloud computing, Dr. Wenzek recounted its transformative impact on businesses. The convenience of cloud computing has allowed professionals to focus on core competencies, revolutionizing data storage and accessibility.

    Managing tech teams in a remote world

    In today's remote work environment, managing tech teams requires a multidisciplinary approach. Dr. Wenzek emphasised two key strategies for effective management:

    Fostering a real sense of team

    Even if team members rarely meet in person, they should feel they can rely on each other. Clear communication about objectives is vital.

    Living the vision

    Especially in sectors like healthcare, having a vision that resonates with the team is crucial. It's not just about day-to-day tasks but believing in a shared goal.

    Key takeaways

    • AI offers consistency and support in healthcare, especially in fields like computer vision.
    • While AI presents numerous opportunities, it's essential to address challenges like safety concerns and biases in training.
    • Governments and institutions play a pivotal role in AI regulation, ensuring its safe and beneficial use.
    • Cloud computing has revolutionised data storage and accessibility, allowing professionals to focus on core competencies.
    • Effective management of remote tech teams requires fostering a sense of team and living a shared vision.

    In conclusion, this exchange provided valuable insights into the evolving world of AI and health technology. As we continue to navigate this landscape, balancing the potential benefits with the challenges is crucial, ensuring a safe and inclusive future for all.

    Article and quotes have been edited for brevity and clarity

    This post was written by: Leanna Seah, Content Manager