When to Search for Another Job in Oil and Gas

August 29, 2018


“If someone has been in the same position and job, or has not progressed or advanced in responsibilities within that role for three years, then it may be time for a change.” - Airswift recruitment directors Sara Howren and Craig Slater

Airswift recruitment directors Sara Howren and Craig Slater spoke with Rigzone about when is the right time for oil and gas professionals to look for another role in the oil and gas sector.

When should you search for another job in oil and gas?

If you’re an excellent performer and there are other equal or lesser performers who get promoted above you, then it’s the right time to look at the job market and search for another role, according to Chris Melillo, energy practice leader at Dallas recruiting firm Kaye Bassman International.

When this happens, “know that you are not as well thought of at the organization, or the organization is taking your loyalty for granted,” Melillo added.

The Kaye Bassman International representative also advised that if the oil and gas job market begins to resemble the 2011-2014 market, “and you were hired in a condensed role or condensed salary but your firm is not adjusting to the ‘new’ market,” then you should look around for a new role.

This post was written by: Monica Peralta