What impact will UK post-Brexit immigration system have on recruitment?

October 22, 2018


Ford Garrard, Airswift's Managing Director of EMEA spoke to Recruiter Magazine on the impact of changes from the UK’s post-Brexit immigration system. In an article titled, "Welcome to the UK," Recruiter takes a look at these changes and its impact not only on recruitment but the energy sector as a whole.

What impact will UK's post-Brexit immigration system have on recruiting within energy, process and infrastructure?

As PM Theresa May spells out her radical vision of the UK’s post-Brexit immigration system, Colin Cottell looks at how some sectors could be more affected than others

Many of those recruiters and employers who have been calling for more certainty about life after Brexit may be having second thoughts after Prime Minister Theresa May outlined her vision for the UK’s immigration system after the country leaves the EU. In a series of media appearances and in her speech at the Conservative Party Conference she spelled out her determination to drive through radical change.

Many recruiters and immigration experts agree that the principle of a migration system based on skills rather than country of origin is a good one. “The principle of moving to a skills-based system is good because there is clearly a demand for these people from employers. We are absolutely in favour,” says Ford Garrard, MD EMEA at global workforce solutions company Airswift.

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This post was written by: Monica Peralta