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Riding the wave of change: market trends, energy and talent in Brazil

Brazil has much to offer for the energy industry. But the country's growth also has a lot of surprises in sectors like tech and green tech.

Written by: Nana Terra April 5, 2023

Wind energy in Brazil breaks records and creates jobs

Brazil is in 6th place in the global wind ranking with 24GW of installed capacity. Find the top onshore and offshore projects, leading companies, and how renewable energy recruitment agencies can help you.

Written by: Nana Terra April 4, 2023

9 strategies to develop innovative and diverse tech teams

Diverse tech teams are the key to driving innovation and meeting the needs of a diverse customer base

Written by: Raphael Santos April 3, 2023

COMPASS 2.0: Singapore's latest employment pass regulation

Discover the updates on Singapore's COMPASS framework. Learn about the new scoring criteria and how it impacts businesses. Read now for important insights!

Written by: Diyaa Mani March 30, 2023

Beware of employee misclassification: Legal implications to know

Employee misclassification is prevalent - but the legal consequences are severe. Employers need to be aware of its legal implications

Written by: Diyaa Mani March 21, 2023

Brazil is a world leader in renewable energy job creation

The country has more than 80% of its electricity matrix from renewable sources. Find out key companies, jobs in demand, and energy sectors driving economic recovery.

Written by: Nana Terra March 16, 2023

How renewable energy startups are making softwares for sustainability

Renewable energy softwares offer battery energy efficiency and automated operational control, which are disrupting the industry.

Written by: Raphael Santos March 13, 2023

The impact of good leadership on workplace success

Read our blog to know more about the impacts of good leadership, what the modern concept of leadership looks like, great leadership examples and more.

Written by: Tomás Battaglia March 6, 2023

AI-powered teamwork: how ChatGPT's GPT-4 is changing collaboration

The NLP market will reach 127 billion dollars in 2028 — ChatGPT will become essential in your team's daily routine, allowing creativity to flourish.

Written by: Raphael Santos February 24, 2023