Airswift receives Maritime Labour Convention Certificate of Conformity

July 31, 2019

Small - MCA Certified Recruitment and Placement Agency

We are pleased to inform you that Airswift has been awarded the globally recognised Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) accreditation following a comprehensive audit of our processes, safety policy and operations.

The accreditation assures that Airswift are certified to provide recruitment and placement of seafarers and contractors of all disciplines to the maritime industry.

This is an important achievement for Airswift and emphasizes our dedication to maintaining safety, quality and compliance when delivering maritime based workforce solutions.

The MLC accreditation applies to seafarers of all nationalities on all ships. So far, 93 countries have ratified the MLC, covering 91% of world shipping fleet's gross tonnage.

The certificate is valid until 14 July 2024, subject to an intermediate audit being carried out between 14 July 2021 and 14 July 2022

What does MLC compliance mean for our clients?

  • We will ensure that labour provided will be qualified and able, undertaking reference checks to evaluate their capabilities and fitness
  • We will maintain a detailed register of any seafaring employees placed via Airswift
  • We will investigate and respond to any complaints received and inform authorities of any unresolved complaints

What does MLC compliance mean for our seafaring contractors?

The convention ensure that seafarers have access to an efficient and well-regulated seafarer recruitment and placement system. This means

  • We will not charge recruitment fees to individuals
  • You will be provided with travel, medical and sickness insurance
  • We will ensure your working environment upholds health and safety standards, including the provision of rest periods and annual leave
  • Assurance that your employment rights are protected, and your confidentiality is maintained
  • We will not maintain a blacklist to prevent seafarers from gaining employment

This post was written by: Rob Boyle