Recruitment scam targeting candidates in India and Asia

July 18, 2023

Recruitment scams are on the rise. Please read our advice

We have been informed of a fraudulent scam that is circulating and our candidate base should be aware of

The scammers are posing as recruiters for companies and informing candidates that they need to pay a 'refundable' fee on behalf of Airswift if they wish to accept a job offer.

This fee is taken and the scammer will then cease contact.

These individuals do not represent Airswift and we encourage candidates to be wary of anyone requesting money for medical tests or visa applications as part of the recruitment process.

Several candidates have identified two companies, 'Ramen Overseas Consultants' and 'Sunbright Vision Consultancy', using the Airswift name fraudulently. This company is not associated with Airswift.

Examples of the scam in action

Below are images of the business cards the scammers have been using.

Please know that these materials are not Airswift documentation

  • We do not currently have an office in these locations
  • We would only contact you from an email address ending in, never "" or ""
  • The second image and logo is not our official branding
  • The logos used are very grainy


Fake business card

Alongside fake business cards you may have received a fake job offer

Please note the graininess of the image, inconsistent formatting and lack of spacing in the section requesting payment.

Sometimes these letters refer to a 'Paul Barron' who does not work for Airswift.

Fake Offer Letter (5)

Fake Offer Letter (6)

fake offer letter - sunbright

Or a fake invoice

In the below invoice, the fee is described as an insurance amount to accompany the job application.

Again, note the inconsistent formatting and grammar.

Recruitment scam - fake invoice

What to do if you are a victim of this scam

If you happen to fall victim to this fake recruitment scam, we recommend that you contact your local authorities and file a report.

We urge you to cease contact with the scammers straight away to prevent any more attempts at receiving your money. 

If you are unsure about an offer you have received, review the red flags that may indicate a recruitment scam.

This post was written by: Rob Boyle