Direct HireEngage and transform your Direct Hire experience.

Direct Hire

Airswift’s engaged approach to direct hire brings a refreshingly accountable and transparent approach to the challenge of sourcing permanent staff to meet the key strategic workforce requirements of your organisation.


  • 93% requirement success rate
  • Cost reduction vs. standard contingent pricing
  • 14 days – reduction in average time to fill role


We are transforming the way direct hire recruitment is delivered around the world through our unique approach based around an award-winning recruitment process and our world class team.  Would we say we’re the best in the world, maybe not but we’re definitely in the top 1!

Our Approach

Unlike a traditional contingent model, Airswift works in partnership with client organisations to lock in simple service level agreements (SSLA’s) that govern the direct hire process. These SSLA’s, typically no more than two to three pages, contain commitments from both parties around key subjects such as exclusivity, dedicated resources, candidate submittals, interview process, weekly reporting, timelines and fee structure.

Our Process

Airswift’s award winning recruitment process has been developed through 35 years of supplying technical expertise to the energy, process and infrastructure industries. What makes it really stand out is that each stage is underpinned by unique best practice supporting features such as:

  • Job description optimisation
  • Candidate suitability matrix
  • Advanced skill and competency matching
  • Multi source searching
  • Documented screening interviews
  • Psychometric assessments
  • 360 Referencing
  • Continuous improvement (client & candidate)

Our People

Currently, we have over 100 industry and discipline specific recruiters who are supported by a team of researchers in each of our three global hubs. On any given day they communicate with over 2,500 candidates, many who have worked with Airswift previously. This knowledge around a particular industry, job function and corresponding strength of relationship is what enables us to quickly form a deeper talent network and generate a much higher quality shortlist than our competitors.

For more information on how Airswift can transform your direct hire experience, please contact us today.