Contractor Support for US Oil Projects

Case Study


In 2011, our client purchased another company and substantially increased its oil and gas acreage in the USA. As part of the transition, it identified the safety culture within these assets was not up to its standards.


The company approached Airswift for assistance in finding qualified personnel within tight timescales. Existing contractors on the project with other agencies were found to have been receiving below standard support in contrast with the positive references received from Airswift consultants. Without an acceptable level of support, these contractors would have likely moved on to other projects and negatively impacted the client's safety efforts.

Airswift Solution

Airswift placed seven safety consultants with our client during the initial roll-out, and the number of health and safety contractors provided subsequently increased to over fifteen.

With full support from the company, Airswift successfully transitioned existing contractors from other agencies to Airswift with no disruption to the project.


Airswift is our client's supplier of choice for payroll services, and based on our positive relationship with them, we have provided payroll and benefits support for more than 30 consultants within the acquired assets.

I am totally impressed with Airswift’s Singapore team. I would love to work with Airswift again in the future.


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