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Our client had a robust recruitment campaign for graduates to join the company, but a ramp up in projects lead to the construction team to consider bringing on a team of graduates to perform the day-to-day engineering activities as contractors.


During this high time in the oil and gas industry, graduate candidates were choosing to move to other refinery locations in Oklahoma, the gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana, and California. In addition, few candidates were aware of the possibility of working through an agency as an employed contractor.

Airswift Solution

Airswift partnered with local colleges and universities to join their recruitment fairs and post on their job boards. This allowed Airswift to attract candidates and provide education on what it means to be a contractor. Our recruitment team effectively screened interested candidates to understand their drivers and motivations for working in the area.


Airswift successfully recruited 15 entry-level mechanical engineers and on-boarded the team under the same requirements as all our contractors on site. After 12 months, six of the contractors joined the company directly and six remained contractors for another six to 12 months.

“Airswift’s full-service delivery model demonstrates a culture built on service and safety. They take extra steps to not only ensure their contractors are fully educated on the safety processes expected by Phillips 66 but they continuously drive awareness and elevate safety as their number one priority.”

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