Kharyaga Oil Field

Case Study


In 2016, our client agreed to adjust their participation in the Kharyaga Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) whereby they transferred a 20 per cent interest together with operatorship to another company. The Kharyaga oil field is located beyond the polar circle in Komi Republic, Russian Federation.


Due to the scales of the Kharyaga development project, its technical complexity, remoteness of location and severe climatic conditions, the two companies faced the problem of selecting highly qualified personnel, as well as minimising staff turnover as the work involved significant investment in training and education of specialists.

In addition, as the field development continued, additional work related to the expansion of production began.

Airswift Solution

Airswift was selected to provide services to the client from 2009 to 2016, and continued to support the new operator thereafter. Airswift offered the best value for money, providing a timely selection of highly qualified specialists, as well as migration services, travel and accommodation.

Airswift supported several contracts which included Operations & Maintenance and technical assistance services, with our main focus on documentation and translation services, as well as construction, production and HSE/H2S consultancy.


At peak, Airswift provided 160 technical specialists during the project, 120 nationals and 40 expatriates, across three locations in Moscow, Usinsk and the Kharyaga oil field. Airswift continues to provide services to Zarubezhneft, with about 108 nationals and expatriates currently placed.



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