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3 UK offshore wind projects expected to break European records in 2022

The UK can drive the record-high capacity additions in Europe with three projects still in 2022. Read about challenges and opportunities in the region.

Written by: Nana Terra June 30, 2022

An Introduction to human resource outsourcing

Human resource outsourcing is a service that many businesses ponder. We provide an overview of HR outsourcing and how to select the best provider

Written by: Leanna Seah May 30, 2022

Green hydrogen: a key to meeting net-zero by 2050

Green hydrogen can account for 12% of final energy use and 5.4m jobs by 2050. Read the article to learn about hydrogen benefits, jobs in demand and regions leading the way.

Written by: Nana Terra May 9, 2022

The top energy industry employment trends for 2023

Airswift is proud to announce the launch of the seventh annual GETI report. Find out what to expect in the report, and where you can download a copy.

Written by: Callum Donaldson April 12, 2022

Top 4 wind energy projects in Denmark.

Today, half of electricity comes from solar and wind energy in Denmark. Find out key projects, jobs in demand, and why Denmark is a global leader in the sector.

Written by: Nana Terra November 15, 2021

How to improve talent retention in a post-COVID world

The Great Reisgnation is upon us and things aren't slowing down. Find out how you can improve your talent retention by downloading our whitepaper.

Written by: Leanna Seah October 18, 2021

5 wind farms to watch in Norway, the green battery of Europe

In 2020, hydropower and wind accounted for more than 98% of Norway’s electricity production. Read about key projects, jobs in demand, and market trends.

Written by: Nana Terra October 11, 2021

Will offshore wind power the energy transition in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands was the 2nd largest market for new offshore wind in 2020. Read about key wind projects to transition from a reliance on fossil fuels.

Written by: Nana Terra September 6, 2021

Wind energy in Sweden on the rise

Read about key Swedish wind projects, jobs in demand, and market trends. The country wants to reach a net-zero carbon economy by 2045.

Written by: Nana Terra July 26, 2021