Big Question: How can energy companies future-proof their businesses?

October 30, 2018


Airswift Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa Ford Garrard recently spoke with Energy Focus, the online magazine from the Energy Industries Council about the energy landscape in the UK and how the world as a whole is changing drastically and continues to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and a centralised grid.

How can companies stay ahead of the curve?

As digitalisation takes hold of the energy sector, companies can adapt in a number of ways to future-proof their businesses. First, companies need to provide development opportunities to stop employees moving into fields including aerospace and defence to work with new technology, such as artificial intelligence and robotics. For example, the 2018 Global Energy Talent Index Report (GETI), the world’s largest energy recruitment and employment trends report, highlights that over a third of oil and gas and renewables professionals are happier due to training and development opportunities. So, to retain top performers, it’s essential that companies empower them with the tools to take control of their careers.

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This post was written by: Monica Peralta