Maintenance Planner Jobs

    Airswift does whatever it takes to manage and maintain the world’s largest workforce of energy, process and infrastructure contractors. We have an unmatched database of highly-skilled and qualified individuals who can perform jobs from administrative assistant to maintenance planner engineer for your energy operation.

    What Is a Maintenance Planner Job Description?

    A maintenance planner is in charge of improving workplace productivity on work sites by eliminating potential delays through planning and coordination of labor, parts and material. A maintenance planner also makes sure that equipment is used properly in order to ensure its lifespan and effectiveness for proper operations.

    Who Is Best Suited for Maintenance Planner Jobs?

    The best maintenance planners are extremely detail-oriented, anticipate potential problems and do whatever it takes to eliminate them so workflow goes as planned. Airswift looks for qualified individuals who have shown a commitment and passion for the energy, process and infrastructure industries to help fill open maintenance planner jobs for some of the largest companies.

    Where Does Airswift Staff Maintenance Planner Jobs?

    Our clients require the services of maintenance planners all around the globe. You could find yourself working in the oil sands of Alberta, Canada as easily as you could find yourself working off the coast of Australia. Because of the nature of employment, the personnel at Airswift HQ make sure your travel logistics are all taken care of. We help you find new residence, secure transportation and acquire the passports and visas you need to work in a foreign country.

    Is There a Future as a Maintenance Planner?

    When you join Airswift, your future employment is very secure. You receive the services of a personal account manager who oversees your job performance and checks in with you at least once every two weeks. Before a contract ends with an employer, the entire Airswift staff works to find you employment on another job site or again with your current employer.

    Human Resources Services for Maintenance Planners

    In addition to providing superior staffing solutions for maintenance planner contractors, Airswift also acts as a full-service human resources firm for hiring managers. We match you up with a contractor who meets 90 percent of your job description so you have a highly-skilled and competent employee. We also take care of formalities like drug screens, background checks, payroll and salary arbitration so you have a worker who is ready to go from day one.

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