Digitalisation in Oil and Gas – 3 ‘soft’ benefits to attract talent

June 24, 2018

Digitalisation can enable flexible working, bridge the gender gap and improve productivity

Is digitalisation the key to attracting talent?

Oil and gas businesses have weathered their fair share of turbulence in the last few years.

As the oil price swings upwards, they are definitely on firmer ground.

However, a new challenge awaits – that of embracing digital trends. This will prove critical in the race to attract and retain talent and amass the skills required to fulfil digital’s potential of revolutionising the sector.

The good news is that many employed within the sector think digitalisation will be a positive step. According to our recent Global Energy Talent Index, the majority (77 per cent) of professionals agreed.

This optimism goes beyond the technical and operational advantages of digitalisation. In addition, there are many ‘softer’ benefits that could be crucial in attracting and retaining talent in a competitive energy landscape.

Softer benefits of digitalisation

  • Flexible working is one example. In fact, the GETI revealed that four in ten professionals attributed increased happiness levels to digitally-enabled flexible working. Flexible working can have a significant impact on retaining your best talent
  • What’s more, digitalisation and flexible working may prove instrumental in helping to bridge the gender gap. The GETI found that 46 per cent of women said flexible working would help the sector attract better talent. Flexibility enables more women to find career options that fit around home life. For both men and women with children, the ability to work around family schedules is vital.
  • On the other hand, while digitalisation may be helpful for attracting and retaining talent, some professionals worry it will eliminate jobs. Thankfully, these fears seem to be largely unfounded. Rather than replace jobs, oil and gas companies are leaning on technology to make existing roles, and the people in them, more effective. Digitalisation is about creating more possibilities for companies and employees alike.

However, as the industry’s digital transformation creates opportunities, it won’t be without challenges. Oil and gas companies will face an uphill battle to appear cutting-edge.

Instead, by showcasing their technological prowess, companies can attract top digital talent.

What’s more, highlighting these innovative projects will help attract younger candidates and fill the digital talent funnel.

If oil and gas companies get it right, digitalisation could provide the answer to building a strong talent pipeline while retaining key staff. In doing so, they will set themselves up for further success


This post was written by: Albert Kahlow, Canada Director at Airswift