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    Global aerospace industry recruiters: Find top talent for your latest projects

    The aerospace sector is perpetually evolving, driven by innovations in technology and heightened ambitions for exploration both within our atmosphere and beyond. The transition to sustainable aviation and the dream of interstellar travel mark just the tip of the paradigm shifts we're witnessing.

    In an era where the sky is not the limit, the demand for visionary aerospace professionals is escalating. As challenges become more complex, the requirement for top-tier talent intensifies.

    Navigating this vast universe of possibilities, we stand as your partner in recruiting the best and brightest minds. With expertise in talent analytics and workforce consulting, we optimize your hiring strategy, propelling it to new altitudes. For global recruitment endeavors, we are poised to serve as your employer of record, streamlining your transition into uncharted markets.

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    Global staffing solutions for aerospace projects

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    We provide staffing and workforce solutions to the aerospace sectors, covering both commercial aviation and space exploration.

    Whether you require expertise for a cutting-edge satellite deployment, staffing for your next-gen aircraft project, or talent mapping for your space exploration mission, we possess the knowledge and assets to propel your endeavors skyward. 

    Our comprehensive suite of talent acquisition services ensures you have access to the talent you require, precisely when and where it's essential.

    Along with our 
    talent acquisition offering, our unrivalled global footprint, and extensive global mobility services allow us to support clients with a full turnkey solution to their project resourcing requirements.

    Whatever the project, we can help you find and mobilise the best talent available.

    Global Coverage

    Airswift’s global offices present a key advantage to our clients. We pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in navigating the aerospace sector. With a global footprint of over 60  offices, coupled with more than 9000 seasoned contractors and over 1000 dedicated  employees, we bring unmatched expertise and depth to the table. Our legacy and cutting-edge technologies are testimonials to our commitment to excellence. Let us connect you with the best in the field today. 

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    Talent acquisition

    We offer permanent recruitment and contractor management services tailored to the aerospace industry.

    Our talent acquisition services include:

    Airswift Talent Acquisition Workforce Solutions

    • Permanent recruitment
    • Contract hire and contingent staffing
    • Executive and board search
    • Workforce consulting
    • Global employment and mobility

    Global employment and mobility

    Need to move existing staff from one country to another for a specific project?

    Avoid business process hassles with our global employment and mobility services.

    Airswift Global Employment & Mobility Workforce Solutions

    • Global immigration and visa services
    • Mobilisation, logistics and relocation
    • Payroll and taxation
    • Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) and Employer of Record services

    Managed Solutions and Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO solutions)

    Our managed solutions and recruiting services include:

    Airswift Managed Solutions

    • Full life cycle recruitment support
    • Supplier performance tracking
    • Onsite support
    • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
    • Transition services of temporary employees

    Workforce consulting and IT talent mapping

    The skilled talent landscape is constantly changing. New technologies, languages and cyber threats are constantly evolving. Having access to data on tech talent trends can make your entire hiring process seamless.

    Airswift's workforce consultants work as a business partner to human resources teams. We provide talent mapping and hiring intelligence to ensure business success.

    Airswift Workforce & HR Consulting Services

    • Talent mapping
    • Salary trends and market-rate benchmarking
    • Skills assessments
    • Strategic workforce planning
    • Outplacement

    Why choose Airswift for your aerospace staffing needs?

    Airswift is a leading aerospace recruitment agency dedicated to supplying expert workforce solutions to the aviation and space sectors. Armed with profound industry insights and a vast network of talent, we stand ready to elevate your aerospace initiatives. 

    Our unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and precision in aerospace recruitment and workforce management establishes us as your partner for shaping the future of flight and space exploration.

    Boasting over 60 offices globally, backed by 1,000 employees 9,000 contractors and a candidate database of more than 1.9 million,  our international reach and reservoir of skilled professionals stand unparalleled.



    Aerospace disciplines we recruit for


    • Aerostructure/ Airframe
    • Avionics and Electrical Systems
    • Engine/ Propulsion
    • Fuel and Hydraulic Systems
    • Landing Gear System


    • Commercial
    • Business
    • Military
    • Cargo
    • Airport Management, Border Controls and Security Systems

    Job Functions

    • Corporate Functions
    • Engineering (Electrical/ Mechanical)
    • Manufacturing
    • Fixed Base Operations
    • Quality Management
    • Sales and Account Management
    • Supply Chain and Production Planning
    • Technology, Airport Security and Border Controls